You’ve Got Windows 10, Now Maximize It

Microsoft did it. More than 350 million users adopted the latest version of Microsoft’s OS, Windows 10, in just 1 year. This is the fastest adoption rate out of all the previous versions. Is it because it’s the best? Perhaps the FREE giveaway for a year helped. But don’t let the limited time low price tag devalue the power of Windows 10. Chances are your business made the switch (how could you afford not to), and now you need to get comfortable real quick. With more than 96% of enterprise customers piloting the newest OS, here are some of the ways many businesses are already maximizing the power of Windows 10.IT Management Cost Savings
Windows 10 requires less IT administration time to install, manage, and support, with easy-to-use features and more self-service functions. One customer found that deploying Windows 10 was quicker and easierby as much as 50%from their last operating system upgrade andoverall IT administrators estimate a 15% improvement in IT management time with Windows 10— valuable time back to help in other key IT areas.
With Windows 10 and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), organizations are able to provide employees self-service tools allowing them to conveniently find and install a line of business applications. With new features in Windows 10, businesses also found a reduction on costs associated with third party software application licenses that were no longer needed.
Reduced Security Remediation
With new features such as Credential Guard, Device Guard and improved security features such as BitLocker, security events related to client device management requiring IT remediation are reduced or avoided altogether. Forrester estimated some of the businesses could be saving up to nearly$700,000 a yearby enabling security features in Windows 10.
Improved Productivity
Improvements, such as faster boot times, convenient access to corporate applications, increased security, and better mobility tools help IT and users increase productivity and complete work more quickly and effectively.Employees, especially mobile workers, estimate they have 25% more time to get work done than they did before.
Take Advantage of the Savings
Taking advantage of the IT management cost savings, security cost savings & improved productivity can be done through proper training of staff and management. Make sure you and your team know how to get the best performance out of Windows 10 with training from New Horizons Learning Group. With End User and Professional courses, NHLG has the perfect solution to maximizing your use of Windows 10.
End User Windows 10 Courses
Using Windows 10Windows 10: Transition from Windows 7Windows10 JumpstartWindows 10 for IT Professionals
10982 Supporting and Troubleshooting Windows 1020697-1Installing and Configuring Windows 1020697-2Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services40336 First Look Clinic: Windows 10 for IT Professionals

*The Total Economic Impactâ„¢ Of Windows 10, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Microsoft, June 2016
Portions of this post taken from Microsoft Windows Blog

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