Shop-style, Scope creep

I try my best to avoid scope creep when working on projects. Is it really so difficult to stop it in my everyday life?
Despite my best efforts to improve French language skills since moving back to the UK from Paris, my French is so rusty it won’t even cut through jelly. The latest Un Dos Tres series is still wrapped in cellophane. Visit Le Monde’s website to see how much of my language has disappeared.
So, new plan. I don’t have time to watch French TV (too much CSI, Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries), so my commute will be more efficient.
Last weekend, I visited London’s quartier Francais in search of the next Alex Rider novel. No luck. Arkange was out of stock – they had the previous and next books in the series, but not the one I needed. I was determined to continue my quest for more French books and spent hours reading other books by Anthony Horowitz. I finally chose Devine Qui Vient Tooer (the English title South by Southeast, which bears little resemblance to the French).
Hurrah! I was able pick up a book from an author I enjoyed reading on the tube. There was a huge stack of Stephenie Meyer books at my till, including a translation of her latest book, The Host. It’s about the end all things so it won’t be easy to read. But I bought it anyway.
I was still disappointed that Arkange wasn’t available, but then I noticed a French bookstore just across the street (they don’t call it the quartier français for nothing).
They did have Arkange! So I bought it.
Forecasted budget is PS7.45Forecasted deliverables: One book
Actual budget: PS23.20Actual deliverables: Three books
Total overspent: PS15.75 or almost 320%
Tube journeys are not boring anymore, which is a plus. I’m at 116 pages on Arkange. Alex has survived two attempts to save his own life. I’m sure there will be more before he saves us all.

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