Sentinel Talk Show – Coming soon for free (October 2021).

Sentinel Talk Show
Sentinel Talk Show will feature weekly guests from technology leaders, hosted by Dr Erdal Ozkaya. They will discuss current cybersecurity events root causes, best practices, and lessons learned for the industry. Finally, cybersecurity will be de-mystified for business leaders. Dr Ozkaya will answer your questions by Technology experts and security leaders. Dr Ozkaya will share his thoughts on Cybersecurity Leadership and will also discuss cyber issues and IT events.

Dr Erdal Ozkaya is a multi-award winning Technology leader, host and presenter. His talk show focuses on the people and leadership of cybersecurity issues. It also includes stories and root causes. This will help the industry learn from its mistakes. Great stories, great characters, great guests. All this and Dr Erdal Ozkauya. Sentinel Talk Show is open!
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Sentinel’s Talk with Dr Erdal Ozkaya – Global CISO

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