Security Operations Center (SOC), Certified SOC Analyst (CSA).

If Security Operations Center (SOC), your 2020 career goal, is you pondering the best way to make the move and are looking for the best way to do it, then the Certified SOC Analyst certification (CSA) is the right choice. This certification by EC-Council is for current and aspiring Tier I/Tier II SOC analysts. It enables them to be proficient in performing entry-level as well as intermediate-level operations.

You must have felt the need for knowledge as an IT security professional looking into the SOC field. CSA certification will help you not only to improve your technical skills to dynamically contribute to an SOC team, but also to be identified for better job opportunities.
The CSA Certification Training Course will provide a holistic approach to learning that includes both elementary and advanced knowledge about validating intrusion attempts. This course will also increase your knowledge on –
Use of SIEM solutions and predictive capabilities to use threat intelligence
Practical aspects of SIEM using the most commonly used and advanced tools
Using Threat Intelligence’s predictive capabilities to detect enhanced threats.
The entire course structure includes a detailed analysis of
Security Operations and Management
Understanding Cyber Threats, IoCs and Attack Methodology
Incidents, Events and Logging
Incident Detection using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). Enhanced Incident Detection With Threat Intelligence
Incident Response
InfoSecTrain offers a combination of online and onsite training courses to help you pass the CSA Certification exam the first time. Participating in the course will allow you to experience various scenarios and runbooks. This will help you improve your practical skills. InfoSecTrain’s Certified Security Analyst Training Program will help you master skills such as
Knowledge of SOC processes, procedures, technologies, workflows, and other information.
Basic understanding and depth of security threats, vulnerabilities, attacker behaviours, cyber-kill chain, etc.
Our expert trainers will provide in-depth knowledge and enhanced capabilities to help you perform dynamically in a SOC Team. InfoSecTrain adheres to the original curriculum. The CSA Training Course was specifically designed to help you learn.
The basics of SOC operations
Log management and correlation
SIEM deployment,
Advanced incident detection and response
This CSA Course will help you to improve your SOC skills and will also serve as valuable reference material for passing the exam. Infosec Train has done extensive academic research to assist all of our customers.
SOC Analysts (Tier 1 and Tier 2)
Network and Security Administrators
Network and Security Engineers
Network and Security Specialist
Network and Security Operator
Cybersecurity Analyst
Entry-level cybersecurity professionals
To reach their goal of a career in SOC. SOC Analyst Certification is a great way to develop security professionals. It is highly sought-after in the security industry. You will be able to pass the exam after you have completed this training. You will be eligible for the CSA certificate and membership privileges if you score at least 70%.
These are the details of the exam:
Certification Name: Certified SOC Analyst
Exam Code: 312-39
Exam Pattern: Multiple Choice Questions
Number of questions:100
Duration: 180 minutes
You must have at least one year of experience in the Network Admin/Security field to be eligible for CSA Certification.

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