Security management procedures are necessary to protect an organisation’s IT infrastructure. The following recommendations should be adopted by every organisation.
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Use a firewall. A firewall acts as a firewall between the public internet, and the organisation’s network. It protects the network’s servers and computers from viruses and hackers.
Anti-Virus Software
Make sure you have the most current anti-virus software installed on all servers and computers on the network. Anti-virus software is one way to protect yourself from online threats. It continuously scans for viruses, such as Trojans and worms.
Security patches
For all applications and operating systems used by the organization, install the most recent security patches. To ensure maximum protection against new threats, make sure you regularly update your security software.
Install spyware-blocking software and implement measures to stop it. Spyware can cause financial fraud by stealing information from computers.
Business Continuity
To ensure your organization can recover from an event like fire or floods, create a disaster recovery plan. This plan should include regular backups of all organisation-critical information. Backups are the last line defense against hardware failure or damage due to a security breach or accidental deletion.
Wireless Networks
Wireless networks must be implemented in a secure manner. Wi-Fi (wireless networks) are vulnerable to hackers, eavesdropping, and other unwelcome threats.
Spam Email
Stop spam email by taking steps. Spam email is a waste of time and can be very inefficient for staff. Spam email can clog up inboxes and contain viruses and spyware.
It can be dangerous to surf the internet. Malicious websites can contain spyware and viruses, and criminals can create fake websites to steal personal data. Many websites contain inappropriate content that an organisation’s staff should not come into contact with. These dangers can be avoided by organisations that have systems in place.
Security management
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