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I am proud to announce that I was awarded TOP 50 CISO status by (CPI Media), in the Middle East & Africa Region.
Security Advisor ME and everyone who supported me on this journey are my greatest thanks. Special thanks to my colleagues at Standard Chartered Bank and the Cyber Community that I am a part of. Also, a special thank you to my wife Arzu and my wonderful children Jemre & Azra. Without their support, I could only dream about these awards.
About the Award’s CISO Forum and Awards, now in its third year of existence, recognize regional information security leaders who have demonstrated leadership and innovation in their organizations. CISO 50 Awards
The digital revolution is transforming the world in ways we cannot imagine. As technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives, there will be new challenges.
Cybersecurity will be a major challenge, with cybercrime’s global cost expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2021 according to industry reports.
Security leaders are leading the charge in addressing new threats and developing innovative security solutions as the new decade begins.
Information security is gaining serious traction in business, and the role of the CISO today is more important than ever to ensure the credibility, integrity, and profitability of the business.’s CISO 50 Awards recognizes industry visionaries who have demonstrated dedication and prowess in creating a secure cyber-world. This award recognizes forward-thinking security leaders who have achieved real-world results in security transformation.
The CISO role has evolved into a mission-critical function that covers all risk areas, from data protection to compliance management and regulatory requirements. Today’s CISOs are expected to strike the right balance between business objectives and risk management. They are integral stakeholders in an organisation, and they do so with great pride.
Winners of the Future Security Awards 2020 and CISO50:
Many organizations are realising the importance of digital acceleration as they navigate the changes and challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Businesses from many industries have been quick to adopt digital solutions over the past few months. This has brought many benefits to these organizations, but it has also allowed threat actors to exploit new vulnerabilities in IT systems.
It is now clearer than ever that security is a top priority for all businesses, regardless of their size, industry, or location.
It is becoming increasingly clear that security leaders – whether they be enterprise CISOs, IT security teams or vendors – play a greater role in enabling organisations thrive and staying resilient in today’s environment. hosted the Future Security Awards and Future Security Awards to recognize the outstanding leadership of CISOs over the past year. Security Advisor ME hosted the CISO 50 Awards and Future Security Awards.
The virtual awards ceremony honored individuals, businesses, vendors, and companies that have overcome today’s challenges, thrived through digital technology, and provided ground-breaking value through the innovative use of security technologies.
The Awards were open to all Middle East organisations. It recognized the top security minds and projects from the region, whose solutions, technologies or products are deemed to be able to meet the new business norm.
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