Communication is the key to avoiding any project being delayed.
The reasons for delays in projects:
Communication between team members is lacking.

The project manager should communicate with all team members.

If any member of the team or the project manager is absent for more than two days, then the work will be halted and the entire project will be delayed.

Often, people are surprised by the delay in completing projects. ?
Most projects’ Planning and Proposal phases will not be fully understood. These two phases are the main cause of most project surprises.
The lack of communication between all team members, from the executive level, causes many risks and creates problems.
Within the organizational boundaries, all team members are separated.
These organizational boundaries are designed to prevent employees from interfering in other processes and systems.
These systems can also hinder communication between project managers and executives to understand the risks and potential delays.
There are five ways to manage risks and avoid project delays.
A. A.
Plan for risks in the initial project estimate. Be aware of high-impact and low-probability risks.
B. Centralize and Amplify
Project teams must be able to access the latest information on a regular basis. They must also have access to your mitigation plans and status.
C. Automate To Collaborate:
Technology can be used to integrate cost schedules and other important items.
D. Be Accountable
Assign tasks and actions, directly during meetings, and note who is responsible.
E. Continuous Improvement:
Continuously improve and mature your processes. It is not enough to just throw tools and processes at your employees. They also need training.
What is cost overrun? ?
Cost overruns are when expenses incurred to complete a project (or one aspect) exceed the budget.
Project managers are responsible for forecasting and tracking costs to avoid overruns. A poor project management will result in high costs for an organization.
Author : Lisa Findlay

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