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Dubai, United Arab Emirates


We understand that packing stuff/items are always challenging for your move. Our experienced packing staff will make you release from this and let you do other important task for your moving. We are doing our job very personalized and at your convenient.

If you’re packing yourself then we will provide you various sized new & used boxes with cutter, tape, marker, label, plastic wrap, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, etc…

Sizes of new and used boxes are available:
(1) 28 x 21 x 18″
For light weight items packing like, clothes, linen, bedding, etc.

(2) 20 x 21 x 20″
For Packing Services Dubai larger household items such as clothes, larger dishes, serving platters, lamps, computer, etc.

(3) 23 x 16 x 15″
For kitchenware, ornaments, fragile items and most of your light weight household items.

(4) 16 x 14 x 14″
For books, CDs, DVDs, files and documents, glassware, chinaware & other fragile and heavy items.

(5) 39 x 20 x 11″
For Hanging clothes can be flat pack in these boxes.

(6) 22 x 20 x 48”
Wardrobe Boxes For Hanging Clothes to be hanged on Hanger

(7) Picture Box Large: 40 x 4 x 60”
(8) Picture Box Medium: 40 x 4 x 48”
(9) Picture Box Small: 40 x 4 x 30”

Some Packing Tips for your move:


  • Start packing your items that you will not need as soon as you know you’re relocating.
  • Pack separately a moving box of items you will need immediately at the next location and make sure it’s loaded last on the moving vehicle so that can be retrieved immediately at your next location.
  • Use packing paper or newspaper for delicate items
  • To minimize the chance of breakage, pack and unpack over padded & cushioned surface.
  • Please don’t overload your moving box, that should not exceed 20kg per box.
  • Don’t mix up items from kitchen, bedroom or office. Keep them it in separate boxes.
  • You must put detailed label on each & every moving box. So, you can easily manage at your next location.