New Training: Governance and Risk Management, Compliance

This 30-video entry-level training by SPOTO trainer Keith Barker focuses on the knowledge systems administrators need for managing compliance requirements in an organization. He also balances them with operational risks to ensure that your organization is compliant and cost-efficient.
This is the CompTIA training.
No matter what industry, almost every company is subject to some type of oversight or compliance with existing restrictions. It’s rare to find a company without governance compliance concerns. This Governance, Risk and compliance training provides a common vocabulary and standard approach to any compliance requirements an organization may face. Compliance is more than just ensuring that the right people get the right data. This training will teach you how to prove your work and verify data integrity.
This series consists of four parts. It covers topics like ensuring compliance with organizational responsibilities, identifying ways to simplify compliance needs and associated cost, and uncovering governing body and complying with compliance policies.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Standards, Regulations, and Controls
Security Policies
Risk Management
Privacy of data

This training covers the following topics:
Policies for the End of Life
Key frameworks
Policies regarding Personnel
Risk Vocabulary
Introduction to Security Policies

This training includes:
Training for 4 hours
30 videos

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