New Course: Microsoft Windows 10 70-698 – Installing and Configuring Windows 10

Anthony Sequeira, SPOTO trainer, released his Microsoft Windows 10 70-698 course: Installing and Configuring Windows 10. Anthony’s new course provides IT professionals with a practical, in-depth look at Microsoft’s Windows 10 product. It prepares you for hands-on usage and prepares you for the Microsoft MCSA Windows 10 certification. His course includes hands-on labs that correspond to specific videos. This allows you to follow along with Anthony using fully functional Windows operating system. You can use a tablet or dual monitor to get the best learning experience.
Anthony spoke to us about his new course, and how SPOTO Learning Experience can help learners get more from it.
Q: Why should companies train their IT staff in Windows 10? Q: What is the value of a Windows 10 certification? This means that technicians must be able to support the operating system using the robust tools provided by Microsoft for optimization, security, and troubleshooting.
Q: What was your learner perspective when creating this course. I wanted to keep the course laser-focused on the exam but also make sure that students have the skills and tools needed for large enterprise deployments.
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Start trainingQ: Do you have any tips for learners? This course includes hands-on labs! For those Nuggets with them, I recommend that the learner first watch the entire Nugget, then follow the Hands-on Lab to see it again.
Q: Which real-world application can someone expect to use after taking this course? Support staff will be able to troubleshoot problems with Windows 10 systems more effectively than ever before. They will also be able keep systems running smoothly. Support personnel will feel more in control of how their systems work.
Q: Which Nugget was your favorite? I think Storage Spaces was my favorite Nugget. It was great to create a hands-on lab to coordinate with the video, so students could try this storage virtualization feature without causing damage to production equipment.
Q: What is the most important thing that you hope learners will take away from this training program? That Windows 10 is a stable and exciting desktop. It is also very easy to customize it for their environment.
Q: What course(s), certification(s), should learners complete before diving into Windows 1070-698? Learners should complete the CompTIA A+ or Network+ training courses to get maximum benefit from this course.
Q: Which course(s), certification(s), should Windows 10 70-698-certified learners consider after completing Windows 10 70-698. This course should be followed by Microsoft Windows 10 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices. I am currently rewriting the course to offer students hands-on labs that they can use in their training.
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