New Course: Microsoft Project Essentials

Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, recently released her Microsoft Project Essentials course. It covers how to use templates, tasks, resources and calendars.
Microsoft Project is a powerful collaboration tool that is an integral part of enterprise project management. Project is not going anywhere despite the rise in competition for project management tools.
Simona designed this course for both project managers and team members. Experienced project managers will benefit by learning how to simplify projects, manage resources and increase productivity. Project 2016 is a course that requires no prior experience.
This course covers the following topics:
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Training begins with date constraints
Assigning and substituting resources
Create custom views
Monitoring project progress

This course includes:
Training for 7 hours
51 videos
Hands-on examples
In-video quizzes

View a video of the course.

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Simona Millham is a SPOTO trainer and holds a variety Microsoft certifications including Microsoft Office Master, Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications for Licensing, Software Asset Management, Office Specialist.
Stay organized with Microsoft Project!
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