Microsoft Tool Manages Mixed AWS and Google Cloud Workloads

Microsoft announced Azure Arc to simplify complex and distributed enterprise clouds environments. This includes hybrid cloud implementations that span on-premises and edge, as well as multiple clouds including Amazon Web Services.
Azure Arc is a tool that can be used by enterprises to manage their data on Azure Cloud or other popular platforms like AWS or Google Cloud Platform. It can also be used to mix-and-match deployments. Kubernetes clusters, edge infrastructure, and on-premises Windows or Linux servers are all supported.
Microsoft explained that the new tool can simplify distributed enterprise environments by managing everything through Azure services (like Azure Resource Manager). Azure Arc connects hybrid infrastructure, which improves security and governance. Azure Arc also offers Azure data services, which can be used to set up deployments in seconds.
“Today, Azure Arc is a significant step forward to enable customers move from just hybrid cloud and truly deliver innovation anywhere with Azure,” said Julia White, Azure Corporate Vice President. Azure Arc allows customers to reap the benefits of cloud innovation such as always up-to date data capabilities, deployment in minutes (rather than hours) and dynamic scaling on any infrastructure.
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Learn more about Azure Arc’s specific use for servers by clicking here

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