Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: A New Course

Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, recently completed the Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 course. She introduced learners to the tips and tricks that will help them become PowerPoint super-users. Simona uses a practical, real-world approach in her course. She provides examples and demonstrations to help you gain the skills you need to succeed.
Simona guides you through a 25-video course that teaches you how to use Microsoft’s popular presentation software. This course is intended to be helpful to both new PowerPoint users (we suggest that you follow the course chronologically from start to finish), and to provide tips and shortcuts to maximize the software.
Simona was kind enough to answer our questions about her new course, and what you can expect from your SPOTO Learning Experience.
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Start trainingQ: Why should companies train IT professionals and end users with this PowerPoint 2016 course? What is the value of PowerPoint mastery for an organization?
We have all been “death by PowerPoint” so I hope that the learners will be able to see the full potential of PowerPoint and realize that it is not just a series bulleted lists.
Q: How can mastering PowerPoint help a learner improve their career opportunities?
Many of us have to present presentations as part our jobs. For some, this can be very stressful. Some stress can be relieved by mastering PowerPoint.
Q: What was the learner’s perspective when creating this course?
PowerPoint presentations are often created only when there is a lot of pressure, such as when they have to present a large customer pitch. It can be very valuable to master the technology.
Q: Do you have any tips for students to get the most from your course?
Get to the Nuggets that are most interesting to you! If you need to, you can always go back to the previous Nuggets.
Q: Which was your favorite Nugget that you made in this course?
There are many options for triggers and action buttons. Your imagination is the only limit.
Q: What is the most important thing that you hope learners will take away from this course.
PowerPoint is not just about bulleted lists.
Q: Which course(s), or certification(s), should learners take before they can dive into their IT Expertise: Installing network Cabling and Devices course.
Q: Which course(s), or certification(s), should IT Expertise students look into after they have completed their course?
None. (Editor’s Note: Simona is technically correct in stating that there are not courses specifically designed to teach Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. We suggest Simona’s other excellent Microsoft Office courses for mastering the entire Office productivity suite!
Q: Other than formal presentations, how might learners use PowerPoint in other ways?
Interactive training courses, quizzes or customer or internal proposals can be viewed on-screen instead of printed.
Q: Is there any disadvantage to PowerPoint?
Many people use PowerPoint as a crutch when they are nervous about giving a presentation. This means that they often put too much information on a slide. Remember that a presentation is often designed to be an accompaniment to your talk track, not a document that is read.
Q: How many PowerPoint presentations have you created in your career? Is that higher or lower than the average?
Oh my goodness! It must be in the 1000s, because it’s a tool that I use as a Microsoft trainer. This is WAY more than the average.
Q: Which are your two favorite PowerPoint 2016 features?
1) Presenter View: Although it’s not new but allows you to see your notes and jump between slides while your audience only sees the slide. 2) Summary Zoom: This new feature is available in Office 36

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