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Anthony Sequeira has successfully completed his latest SPOTO training course “Microsoft MTA Windows OS Fundamentals 98-349.” The course, which consists of 20 videos, covers the basics of Windows 7 OS fundamentals, including desktop settings, upgrading from older versions of Windows, as well as other topics. This entry-level course is a great starting point for anyone new to IT. It prepares learners for the 98-349 exam.
Q: Which was your favorite Nugget you made?
A: The “Backup and Recovery Tools” Nugget was my favorite to make. Keith Barker, a SPOTO trainer, was visiting me during the Nugget creation. We were talking about how much fun it is to create Nuggets. I was excited to show how to use the many backup and recovery tools built into Windows 7 for this Nugget. Disk Imaging was a tool I needed to be able to continue my productivity.
Q: What were the roadblocks you encountered when creating this training? How did you overcome them.
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Start trainingA: It’s easy to confuse editions and versions of Microsoft Windows. I found myself constantly checking which features were available in Windows 7 and which versions of the software.
Q: What was your student perspective when creating this course?
A: I know that students want to get the most out of Windows right away. This course is designed to help them do just that. There was no wasted time — there was great information and demonstrations that you could enjoy.
Q: Do you have any tips for students that will help them get the most out their course?
A: Students should consider a non production lab environment, as I mentioned in the course. It is easy to set up, especially if you consider the free evaluation software available from Microsoft.
Q: What is the ONE thing that you hope learners will take away from this training program?
A: Take advantage of the amazing power that Windows 7 offers.
Q: Which real-world application can someone expect to use this course to help them?
A: Students will be able maintain their Windows 7 environment without any problems. Windows 7 will be their favorite Microsoft OS for many years to come.
Get ready to learn Windows 7 operating system – start watching this course right now!
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