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Are you ready to revise for the MB-901 exam quickly? This cheat sheet will give you a quick overview of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals MB-901 exam. It also contains all the necessary resources to pass the exam. This Ultimate Cheat Sheet has been compiled by experts and contains all the information you need to pass the exam. Before we begin our revision journey, let’s take a look at the exam details.
Microsoft MB-901 – Overview
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (MB-901 exam covers the benefits and positioning of Dynamics 365. You should have a basic understanding of Dynamics 365 capabilities as well as Microsoft cloud computing. You should also have some working experience in Information Technology (IT). You should also have an understanding of business scenarios. You should also have experience in dealing with legal and security issues for IT projects.
THIS EXAM WILL RETIRE JUNE 30, 2021. There are two replacement exams available, MB-910 or MB-920. Visit the MB-910 or MB-920 exam details pages for more information.
Skills Enhancement : Microsoft ExamMB-901
Candidates who apply for the MB-901 exam can develop a variety of skills and knowledge in:
Firstly, Differentiating between different Dynamics 365 applications
Secondly, articulating the business value of the Dynamics 365 applications and their core functionality
Describe artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality (MR) later.
Further, the definition of the digital transformation loop
Next, we will describe cloud-based security
Also, summarizing role-based security within Dynamics 365
Not to mention the Explaining Dynamics 365 reporting options
Also, Describing Office 365 integration and Dynamics 365 integration
Microsoft MB-901 Ultimate Cheat sheet
Professional certifications can help you show your commitment to your career. It can be difficult enough to pass certifications likeMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals. This Cheat Sheet will provide all the information you need. This Cheat Sheet will help you get started on your revision journey. Let’s get started.
Exam Objectives
Before you start revising for the certification exam, ensure you are familiar with all exam objectives. For authentic information about the exam, the official certification pageis the best source. This helps you keep up-to-date with the latest exam information. It is important to familiarize yourself with the exam course in order to understand the concepts. The exam covers the following areas, which are further subdivided into different topics. Each topic is crucial to passing the exam. To improve your exam preparations, you should tailor your study plan around these course domains. These are the domains:
Topic 1: Identify Microsoft platform elements for Dynamics 365
1.1 First, Describing integration abilities
integration across Dynamics 365 apps and Microsoft products (Microsoft Documentation:Integration across dynamics 365 apps,Microsoft Product)
integration with third-party apps (Microsoft Documentation:Third-party Apps)
Dynamics 365 custom integrations
1.2 Secondly, Describing Dynamics 365 cloud security
encryption (Microsoft Documentation:Encryption)
authentication (Microsoft Documentation:Authentication)
data ownership (Microsoft Documentation:Cloud Security)
Data center access (Microsoft Docation:Cloud Security).
Single Sign-On (SSO).
Data loss protection (DLP) (Microsoft Documentation:Data Loss Prevention)
Industry-standard certifications (including GDPR).
1.3 Thirdly, Describing security benefits based on role
App role-based security
leveraging security roles (Microsoft Documentation:Security in Finance and operation Apps)
User experience optimized (Mic

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