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The Microsoft MB310 exam, also known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, is a core exam in financials. Consistent. Candidates are crucial in the design and implementation of programs that meet company needs. To help you with your preparations, we have created a Study Guide. After passing the MB310 exam, you will be able perform the following technical activities:
First, setting up and configuring financial management
Secondly, managing and applying common processes
Third, the candidate will be able implement and manage accounts payables and receivables
Also, managing, budgeting, and fixing assets.
Intended Audience MB310:
The Microsoft Certification MB 310 was designed for the following candidates-
Functional Consultants are business analysts who analyze business requirements and translate those elements into fully-realized business processes. They also develop solutions that meet industry best practices. They must also be able implement and configure applications to meet business requirements.
Second, candidates must have a basic knowledge of accounting principles, financial operations of businesses, customer services, manufacturing, retail, supply chain management concepts, and customer service.
Thirdly, candidates who are skilled in more than one feature set of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. This includes finance, manufacturing, supply chain management, and so on.
Prerequisites for the MB-310 Exam
It is important to have a clear understanding of the prior knowledge and experience that one must have. Microsoft Exam MB310-
Candidats must be familiar with basic accounting principles and practices.
Source : MicrosoftA step-by-step Preparation Guide to pass the MB310 exam
To cover all aspects of studying for certification exams, it would take more than one article. Our MB-310 Study Guide is specially curated to ensure your success in the certification exam. This guide will be your guide to passing the exam.
STEP 1: Go through all the MB-310 Exam Information
Learn from the experts: When studying for certification exams, don’t overload you brain with too many questions. Also, clean your mind first. Next, you need to fully comprehend and analyze the exam content. Check that all information is up-to-date. It is important to be familiar with exam details in order to prepare.
STEP 2: Go through the Course Outline thoroughly
Now that you have reviewed the exam information, it is time to move on the next step. Now it’s time for you to review the Course outline and make sure that you are up to date. The Course Outline is the most important part of the test. This foundation is the basis for all Microsoft MB-310 exam questions. It is your responsibility to review the official Microsoft website. These MB-310 Exam Topics will be covered in this exam.
Domain 1- Set up and manage financial management (50-55%). This domain focuses on the concepts of Define and Configure the chart of accounts, Configure currencies, and Manage journals. Also, implement and manage cash and bank, Cost accounting and cost management, Perform periodic process and configure, collect, and submit taxes.

Domain 2: Implement and manage accounts payables and expenses (10-15%) This domain also includes the concepts of Implement and Manage Accounts payables and Configure and Use expense Management.

Domain 3: Implement accounts receivable credit collections and revenue recognition (20-25%). This domain also includes topics to implement and manage accounts receivable and credit collections, manage credit and collections, as well as configure revenue recognition.

Domain 4 Manage budgeting, fixed assets (10-15%) Lastly, this domain covers concepts like Configure and manage budgeting processes as well as Implementing and managing fixed assets


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