Life after MCO ! 3 Steps to Engage Virtual Teams

MCO has not only successfully flattened the curve. It has also helped to improve the work environment’s motivation and rhythm. There are many tools that allow you to communicate with your team virtually. However, it is still difficult to re-engage employees to their optical performance. These include:
Building trust and authentic connections with your Virtual Team members.

Communicating change

Increasing productivity through the change initiative

You will get results in a shorter time.

Juggling priorities,

The list of unimaginable challenges that come with leading a troop is endless.

Team members are people first, employees second.
They may face many challenges as an individual. Pay cuts, financial difficulties, and ill family members are just a few of the many issues they may face. Virtual calls can’t capture many of these factors. Leadership is a difficult job. It’s more than managing. Although the art of leadership can vary from one person to another, it is possible to learn techniques for leading. Many leadership courses include science.
What can a leader do for their team members to be engaged in their work activities?
How can work activities be a mood booster for them?
This article will share 3 steps. This can help you manage the performance of your team members.
The 3 Steps
The continuous communication process of three steps acts as a bridge between “wants” of the organization and “wants” of employees.
Start by defining your expectations and your duties.

Identify important duties.

For the most important duties, set SMART* goals.

Discuss how you will work with them to achieve the goal. *Specific – Specific – Measurable- Attainable- Relevant- Time-bound

Layout daily feedback.

Conduct coaching discussions.

Delegate Tasks for development.

Discipline is discussed.

Assess points for an appraisal

Write Appraisal.

Discuss Appraisal.
You may be a leader and have some of these steps in your daily routine. These steps can be organized to help with performance management. It can also be used to create a Virtual Coaching plan for team members to improve their ability to deliver better results.
We hope that MCO, an economic reboot and a new normal, will make life easier for everyone. This can be done by getting your team back to work and coaching them.

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