Learn more about Cisco CCNA Certification Course 2020 – Detailed Information

Cisco is the most well-known company in the world for selling and producing networking equipment. This certification will help you to be familiar with a wide variety of topics such as:
Automation and programmability
Subnetting and IP addressing
ACLs and NAT
Network utilities (ping tracert, arp, tracert)
Routing protocols like OSPF
Routers and switches
TCP/IP model
VLANs and trunking
The Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT), exam has been retired. The new CCNA is now available at the Associate level. This validates a wide range of skills and foundational information. It will only have one exam that covers security and networking basics, as well programming and automation. Previously, CCNA applicants had to take multiple exams in order to obtain one of the 10 CCNA certifications. The new CCNA exam (200-301) will be available starting February 24, 2020. These current certifications have been replaced by the new CCNA:
CCNA Cloud
CCNA Cyber Ops
CCNA Collaboration
CCNA Data Center
CCDA Design
CCNA Industrial
CCNA Routing & Switching
CCNA Security
CCNA Service Provider
CCNA Wireless
Why are there changes?
DevNet, Cisco’s developer program, will include software developers and network professionals in a single community.
The new exam will provide more skills and knowledge to prepare IT professionals for associate-level IT jobs. Cisco views the changes as integrating software practices into networking, creating one community through having networkers and developers work together to solve network problems.
Cisco will offer new software certifications to ensure that IT professionals are able to meet the requirements for programming and automation. These innovations will help Cisco achieve its goal of bringing together network and development professionals. This is a result of industry changes where network and automation careers are becoming more aligned. Many corporations demand this ability from IT professionals.
These are the elements of the new CCNA 200-301 exam:
IP Connectivity — 25%
Network Access — 20%
Network Fundamentals — 20%
IP Services — 10%
Security Fundamentals — 15%
Automating and Programmability — 10%
After gaining a CCNA certification, exam takers can choose to specialize in any of the Cisco Certified Specialist jobs. Multiple certifications will be replaced by specialization in specific job roles in the Cisco career path. After earning the CCNA, IT professionals can acquire many skills.
Cisco hopes the changes will encourage a lot more agility in those who are interested in IT careers. The market is constantly changing and certification processes try to keep pace.
The New CCNA Exam
The 200-301 CCNA exam is one, and contains about 120 questions. It covers many topics, including wireless networking, routing, switching, security, and some programming concepts. You can take it at any Pearson VUE center, just like other Cisco certifications.

Topics RemovedOSI MODELEthernet FrameSwitch StackVLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)EIGRPInter-VLAN RoutingOSPFv3RIPv2PPPMLPPPPPPoEGREBGPWAN Access NEW CCNA 200-301 PATTERN IN EXAMINATIONNetwork Fundamentals20%Network ACCESS20%IP Connectivity25%IP Services10%Security Fundamentals15%Automation and Programmability10% Old CCNA 200-125 PATTERN IN EXAMINATIONNetwork Fundamentals15%LAN Switching Technologies21%Routing Technologies23%WAN Technologies10%Infrastructure Services10%Infrastructure Security11%Infrastructure Management10%
Like any certification, CCNA candidates can increase their chances of getting certified.

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