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DevOps has already identified that Azure offers automation solutions that can help you to improve and streamline your deployment processes. Azure allows you to create and use templates instead of writing everlasting code and scripts. What if we want to balance development? This article will discuss the key features ofDevTestLabsand howDevTestLabsmaintains scaleability. So let us get started!
Introduction to DevTest Labs
Azure DevTest Labs, an innovative developer setting that uses the Azure platform, provides a cloud-based solution for creating and testing Dev and Test lab conditions. It can be difficult to set up Dev and Test environments on-premises. The cost of infrastructure is high, as well as the time and energy required to create production-like conditions. Many organizations are moving to the cloud for Dev & Test environments. The environment can be obtained immediately, is more cost-effective, can be estimated as important, so developers can start operating in production-like conditions.
DevTest Labs allows you to add artifacts to your environments. You can also create formulas, which are records of default properties used to build a virtual machine (VM), to modify the environment configuration as needed. DevTest Labs makes it easy to set up self-service Azure environments. This is done by allowing developers and examiners access to reusable templates and artifacts that allow them to instantly provision Windows and Linux settings in Azure.
DevTest Labs can also inherit Azuremarketplace photos. There is a wide selection of product photos available on the marketplace that can be used to instantly provide infrastructure in the lab.
You can use out-of-the box integration between Azure and (VSTS.Visual Studio Team Services to access the automation assets and elements created within the Azure DevTest Labs. Using VSTS deployment pipelines to reserve and test machines in a lab, you can also use them. The acceptance and lab policies for newly provisioned machines, such as shut-down and start up systems, are automatically given to the machines. Pre-provisioned conditions can be created by maintaining the environment for the latest application and utilizing it immediately. Source control can be used to manage and administer captured environment artifacts. Pre-existing plugins and API can be used to provision the environments directly from an automated release pipeline or constant integration device.
Azure DevTest Labs also allows you to manage costs by setting areas such as:
The maximum number of VMs per user and per lab
Allowable VM sizes
VM auto-startup/auto-shutdown times
Provisioning a new lab
To create a new lab within Azure DevTest Labors:
Go to the portal.
Select More Services > DevTest Labs.
Click on Add at the DevTest Labs edge.
Fill in the parameters and click Create a DevTest Laboratoryside.
When you create a DevTest Lab, the following resources are generated:
Provisioning of storage accounts is possible
Network is formed
The lab is constructed
A Secret Vault or Key Vault is created.
DevTest Lab’s Key Features
Azure DevTest Labs provides a Microsoft-provided setting. Azure DevTest Labs executes Virtual Machine Images which can be reused within your team for improvement or testing. These are the DevTest Lab’s features.
Reduce cost management
Lab policies should be changed to automatically shut down and restart virtual machines.
Limits on the lab can be set, such as the number of VMs per lab and per user.
Use the lab expense trend to calculate and set a threshold.
Environments quickly and easily set up
Use custom images to instantly recreate the environment
Place your most recent bits and dev tools onto the machine by artifacts.
Formulas to make it easy

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