Learn Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions – 300-735 SAUTO V1.0

This course will teach you everything you need to know.
Automating and Programming Cisco Security Solutions v1.0 (SAUTO300-735) is a concentration course that is related to the DevNet Professional Certification and CCNP Security Certification. This course teaches students how to implement Security automated solutions. This course teaches you how to implement Cisco Security Automation Solutions. It prepares you for the SAUTO300-735 certification exam.
The Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions v1.0 (SAUI v1.0) is an E-learning or instructor-led course that teaches candidates how to create advanced security solutions for their network. You will learn through lessons and hands-on labs how to use modern programming concepts, RESTful App Program Interfaces (APIs), data modeling, protocols, firewalls and web, Cisco Identity Services Engine, Domain Name System (DNS), and email security to strengthen cybersecurity for your web devices and services.
The following platforms will be covered by the candidate: Cisco Firepower Threat Defence, Cisco Firepower Management Center and Cisco ISE. Cisco Umbrella, Cisco ISE and Cisco Umbrella will also be covered. This course will help prepare you to use the APIs for each Cisco security solution to reduce complexity and drive network effectiveness.
After passing the 300-735 SAUTO exam, a candidate can earn the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist Security Automation and Programmability certification. They can also satisfy the concentration exam requirement for these professional certifications.
CCNP Security
Cisco Certified DevNet Professional
This exam objective is for aspirants to improve their knowledge and skills in Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions. The candidate will be able to use common version control operations with Git (add, commit diff, clone and push, branching, merging conflict), ensure network security, and have knowledge about cloud, Web and Email security after completing the course.
Technology areas covered:
Network automation
Here is the main purpose of the exam.
Upgrading your skills to use common version control operations with Git.
Knowing how to describe the benefits of Python virtual environments.
Preparing for the 300-735 SAUTO Examination.
You have great career opportunities.
Multination company operations are possible for aspirants.
This exam measures your knowledge of the following concepts:
Programming concepts
Data models
Email and cloud security
We have listed the topics that could be part of the exam.
Network Programmability Foundation – This course will give you a detailed understanding of API styles, challenges, and patterns, as well as the network configuration tools.
Automate API and Protocols – This will allow the candidate to identify XML instances based on YANG model and compare functionality and benefits.
Network Device Programmability – This course will show you how to create Python scripts and configure the device with Python library.
The 300-735 SAUTO Course was designed for:
Network managers
Technical solutions architects
Network and system engineers
Data centre engineers
Consulting systems experts
Network administrators and designers
Field engineers and server administrator
Cisco partners and integrators

You will be able to:
Network Programmability Foundation

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