Learn about the 5 AWS Specialty Certificates that will help you build your career!

AWS certifications are well-known and respected, especially for their expertise in cloud-related tools. AWS certifications are often used to identify experts in their domains. However, not many people look into Amazon Website Services specialty certifications. These certifications are not limited to cloud and development domains.
Below are details about AWS Specialty Certifications.
A quick look at AWS Certifications
Amazon Website Services, or AWS, is a well-known company that offers cloud storage, cloud computing, and automation services to many organizations and individuals. AWS was launched in 2009 and has enjoyed a wide range of popularity worldwide. This is due to its high quality services and cost-management advantages. AWS came up with the concept of pay-only-for-what-you-use which meant that the consumers are supposed to pay only for the infrastructure and service range they use. Cloud services were affordable for individuals, small-scale start ups, and small businesses.
AWS offers several certifications to validate different skill sets in different domains when you declare AWS certifications. These skills are necessary to manage AWS products and services for efficient working. AWS professionals are required to manage the data of different organizations that use AWS products. These certifications make it easier for both the candidate and the organization to find the right person for the job.
AWS certifications can be obtained in mainly four categories:
Each category comes with some certification.
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The 5 AWS Specialty Certifications
AWS Specialty certification is different than the other three categories of AWS certification. They are at different levels and stages, from beginner to professional. However, Specialty certifications allows you to acquire all the skills required for a particular domain.
The following are the 5 specialty certifications offered through AWS:
1. AWS Certified Machine Learning
This certification validates the skills and knowledge of candidates who are qualified to deal with Data science concepts. Candidates who are able to deploy, manage, maintain, and implement machine learning will be validated. Machine learning is the backbone for inventions and innovations in today’s online world. Data science allows professionals to create methods that make operations more reliable and easier.
AWS Certified Machine Learning personnel can:
Selecting and justifying the best ML approach to solve the problems in the operations.
Identification of the appropriate AWS services for implementing ML solutions for a better strategy
Implement scalable, cost-optimized and reliable ML solutions that are secure, reliable, and scalable
Prerequisites for this certification
Although there is no prerequisite for certification, the following knowledge is expected of the candidate.
2-3 years of experience in developing, architecting, and running ML/deep-learning workloads on AWS Cloud
Ability to express intuition behind basic ML algorithms
Basic hyperparameter optimization experience
Deep learning frameworks and experience with ML
The ability to follow best practices in model-training
The ability to follow deployment and other best practices
2. AWS Certified Advanced Networking
This certification is for people who want to validate their networking skills. It assesses the ability to manage and design complex networking concepts.
AWS Certified Advanced Networking personnel can be contacted

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