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The Azure Database Migration Services (DMS), which provides fully managed assistance to anyone who wants to migrate from on-premises databases into Azure database services, offers complete management. DMS can be used to migrate any type of database, data type, and migration type. PowerShell commandlets are also available to automate the process.
Let’s now take a look at the Azure Database Migrator Service: A Guide to Automate Your Database Migration to Azure!
About Azure Database Migration Service
Database Migration Services were created to facilitate homogeneous migration. There are many such services available that can assist users in smooth migrations from cloud-based databases to on-premises platforms. Database migration services offer many more benefits than these. These can be classified as follows:
Simple migration – These services are a simple way to migrate premises databases.
Minimal downtime – Data replication may be completed with minimal downtime during the migration from source to destination.
Operational benefits – Database migration services provide the stability and security that organisations need in today’s market.
Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) is one of the most popular Database Migration Services (DMS) on the market. These solutions simplify, guide, and automate Database Migration while protecting business data.
Azure DMS is a Microsoft cloud-based service that can be fully managed. It allows users to transfer data warehouses and databases from other cloud platforms or on-premises to the Azure platform. These are just a few of the benefits of this service:
The service allows for both heterogeneous as well as homogeneous migrations.
Users may be able to move data, objects, or schema with ease.
To identify any problems that could hinder the service’s operation, the user can conduct a premigration evaluation.
It is easy to use, making it very user-friendly.
It is cost-effective and produces the desired results with minimal downtime.
Pricing Structure
DMS is another name of Azure Database Migration Service. It is a fully managed service that Microsoft has created. It can be used in both data warehouse and operational databases. These sections make up the pricing structure:
Standard Pricing Tier
Premium Pricing Tier
The Standard Pricing Tier can handle both online and offline migrations. Consumers have the option of choosing between 1-, 2-, or 4-vCore options at no additional cost. Premium Pricing Tier also allows Offline and Online Migrations for mission-critical applications that require minimal downtime. Online migrations can also be called continuous migrations.
The Azure Database Migration Service’s main features
The Azure Database Migration service has the following features:
This service performs a one-time data migration that moves data to the cloud using simple techniques. To move data, schemas, or objects to the Azure cloud, continuous data replication is used.
Because it is easy to understand, the technique is very user-friendly.
Database Migration Service covers common migration scenarios like SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.
It is a self-healing, resilient migrating process that produces consistent results with minimal downtime.
Azure DMS Service Models
You have two options when using Azure Database Migration Service. The Premium tier allows you to choose from Standard or Premium. The standard tier allows you to access up to four virtual cores, and allows you to migrate offline. It is suitable for light to medium workloads. Premium version allows you to access four virtual cores, and allows you to migrate online and offline. It is designed for large, mission-critical workloads.

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