Is the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 worth it? TPT

IT security is becoming more important. Azure’s vulnerabilities increase in tandem with its growth. The AZ500 certification ensures that every employee is a cloud security expert. The AZ500 certification will increase your employability and knowledge, as well as make you a strong candidate to a leadership role. Let us know what the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 is worth.
About Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ500)
The Microsoft AZ-500 certification is for experts who are familiar with the Azure cloud environment. They also have experience in analyzing and dealing with cybersecurity threats. The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam (AZ-500), assesses your ability manage identity and access, implement security operations, secure data and applications, and manage platform protection. Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-505) exam is for Microsoft Azure Security Engineers. It validates professional skills in identity and access management, platform protection, security operations management, data security, and data security.
Who should take the exam
The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 target audience includes-
Candidates who want to make a career in tech.
Candidates who wish to understand the fundamentals of Azure.
Individuals with advanced security knowledge.
Candidates with previous experience working with Microsoft Azure.
Exam Format
The Microsoft Azure AZ-500 exam consists 40-60 questions and must be completed in 150 minutes. The AZ-500 exam contains a variety of questions, including case study, short answers and multiple-choice. There are also mark review, drag-and-drop, mark review, mark review and mark review questions. Microsoft states that candidates must score at least 700 points to pass the AZ500 exam. The USD 165 certification fee for AZ-500 is also required. The exam can also be taken in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), or Korean.
Is it worth taking the Microsoft AZ-500 Exam.
The AZ500 exam covers all devices required to perform your duties effectively. Even though a security engineer may have extensive experience in Azure security, there are still some things they don’t know. Security engineers become more valuable to their employer when they learn about new strategies that were incorporated into the AZ500 exam. The most important aspect of IT is that you don’t know what you don’t know. If a security engineer doesn’t know about a vulnerability, how can they check it for themselves?
The AZ500 certification will be valuable for many years. Azure is not a dying technology. As Azure grows and expands, so will its security vulnerabilities. Therefore, an AZ-500 certificate will not become less valuable but more valuable over time.
The AZ-500 exam has many key benefits.
Microsoft Azure is a cloud solution that companies use the most.
Corporates can also use the services at a lower cost and in a wider range of ways.
Many companies have already started to use Micorsoft solutions.
Let’s now examine the course outline in order to understand more about the exam and it’s purpose.
Exam Course Outline
Below is the course outline of the AZ-500 certification exam. It includes the sections and topics. This will help you prepare for the AZ-500 exam. This includes:
Domain 1: Manage Identity & Access (30-35%)
1.1Manage Azure Active Directory identities
Configure security for service principals (Microsoft Documentation :Use Azure Service Principals with Azure CLI).
manage Azure AD directory groups(Microsoft Documentation:Manage app & resource access using groups – Azure AD)
Further, manage

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