Implementing Cisco DNA in Your Organization

Update:Jaymes Kr├╝ger recently posted a new Cisco DNA Center blog entitled “Debunking Top Cisco DNA Center Misconceptions”. It was published March 22, 2002.
Organizations around the world are already facing challenges from 2020. IT professionals have experienced the overwhelming demands of maintaining secure network connectivity for large numbers of people living in different locations as businesses rush to implement work-from home models. For smooth business continuity in remote environments, simplicity and efficiency are key.
This being said, is 2018 the year to seriously think about implementing a Digital Network Architecture or (DNA)? What is Cisco DNA and why should you care? There are many things to consider when deciding if Cisco DNA is the right solution. Here are some questions to consider:
Are you sure that DNA is mature enough? Do your peers in other companies use it?
Although every case is unique, implementing DNA might not be cost-effective if your network has only 15 switches.
Cisco DNA could be a benefit for your company if…
A retail company has small networks in hundreds of locations. Meraki for Cisco DNA spaces configuration could be a great benefit to this large operation. Meraki can help you get into Cisco DNA.
Most companies don’t go head-first into DNA research. Why? Because very few people have a greenfield opportunity that doesn’t impact mission-critical functionality or services. You can start the DNA path by following a few simple steps.
Purchase DNA-ready hardware. You can start them in traditional IOSXE mode and then convert them later. The analytics engine stores, analyzes, and stores huge amounts of data. It also provides performance baselines, historical data, as well as valuable health scores, in an easy to use dashboard. It’s a valuable management tool. Interoperability can be achieved by building a bridge to the legacy network.
How to Use Your Cisco DNA Server

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Leverage Cisco AI Network Analytics
Cisco DNA Assurance allows you to manage all devices and services, prioritize and resolve network issues, which in turn results in a better user experience.

Security Group Tagging (SGT), is available.
Security Group Tagging allows for you to see the privileges of all sources within the entire network from one label. This provides maximum visibility and simplifies the management of IoT devices.

Implement Encrypted Traffic Analytics
This allows you detect malware in encrypted communications.

Utilize Path Trace
Once a path trace is initiated, the Cisco DNA Center controller collects routing data and network topology and reviews it. This can be used to visualize the flow and to test the network proactively.

Make use of Intent APIs
With the Intent APIs, you can create workflows that simplify and consolidate multiple network actions. This reduces manual work and allows you to complete the tasks.
Are you ready to simplify your infrastructure management with Cisco DNA
SDN and DNA Center are the future of campus networking. IE consultants have extensive experience in all phases DNA deployment and can help you decide how it can be best used for your company. Innovation, progressive thinking, and exceptional customer experiences are key ingredients to tech success. Internetwork Engineering can help you stay ahead of the technology curve. Schedule a meeting today. We will analyze your business and provide the customized IT solutions you need to remain competitive in today’s changing tech world. Let’s see if Cisco DNA is right to help your business.

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