IE Renews Gold Partner Status & Attains Master Cisco Certifications

We are proud to announce that we have successfully renewed many Cisco certifications and specializations. We have been recertified in Master Collaboration Specialization as well as as a Cisco Cloud & Managed Services Master Partner (MSCP). We also have Cisco Master Networking Specialization certification.
Why Cisco Certification is Important
We are an IT solutions provider and are committed to providing our customers with industry knowledge, broad tech knowledge, and vigilant customer service to ensure that we add the most value to their businesses and organizations. These certifications allow us to continuously monitor the quality of our services and ensure that they are maintained. Below is a brief overview of the requirements for our team to receive these certifications, and how maintaining them is ultimately beneficial for our customers.

Status as a Gold Partner

We needed to maintain our status as Cisco Gold Certified Partners. To do so, we had to achieve advanced Cisco specializations in the following technologies: Enterprise Networks (Advanced Security, Collaboration, Data Center), Enterprise Networks (Advanced Security, Collaboration, Collaboration) and Data Center. It is vital to maintain expertise in multiple architectures for our customers to provide them with the insights they need to optimize their businesses. Many of our customers require custom-tailored solutions to address their unique and changing technology challenges. We are committed to staying up-to-date in a broad range of technology expertise. This allows us to offer many solutions to improve your business efficiency.

We have also integrated Cisco Hybrid IT (resale and resale) into our offerings. This integration allows us to ensure customer satisfaction through our collaboration with Cisco. Our clients can access OnDemand technical expertise 24/7. We understand that problems are often unexpected and need to be addressed quickly. This recertification assures that we deliver consistent customer satisfaction.

Cisco Master Networking Specialization Certification

This year marks the first Master Networking Specialization certification. To be awarded this certification, we had to meet the prerequisites of Cisco and pass a two part evaluation by Cisco Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and their third-party service. The first part of our evaluation evaluated our technical skills. The second part validated our ability understand and meet customer needs.

We are delighted to have this specialization. It demonstrates our network expertise and our ability offer customized solutions to customers that address their problems. This is our mission to truly add value to their businesses.

Cisco Master Collaboration Specialization Certification

We also maintained our Master Collaboration Specialization certificate. To be awarded this certification, we first had to complete the Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization. Then, we had must demonstrate our Master-level sales, technical and services capabilities by meeting strict requirements. This is to ensure that we maintain high standards and competence in these areas to provide our clients with knowledge-based solutions that will maximize their business’s value.

We must meet numerous Cisco and industry-standard technical certification requirements. We must also provide references from customers that document Cisco-prescribed design, deployment, and support capabilities.

Customers need value-added expertise in order to reach their business goals. This is our mission. We strive to achieve that goal by constantly testing our capabilities, improving where necessary, and excelling whenever possible.

Cisco Master Cloud and Managed Services Program Partner

Last but not the least, we maintained Cisco’s Master Cloud and Managed Services Programs (CMSP) with Cisco-Powered Managed Security and Cisco-Powered Business Communication. The CMSP has recognized us for our exceptional ability to sell and deliver cloud or managed services, enterprise-class reliability and security, support, and support.

“The IE team is proud to have Cisco’s advanced specializations certifications, and we are happy to be recertified,” stated Chuck Steiner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Internetwork Engineering. These Cisco certifications confirm our commitment to industry excellence as well as expert customer service. We value our partnership with Cisco, and are happy that we can incorporate their technology solutions into our business. They are the best in the field. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

Our ultimate goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are here to help our customers grow their businesses by providing solutions-focused expertise and continuous quality assessments. This allows us to exceed our high standards for exceptional service.

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