IBM App Combats Cybersecurity Problems From the Inside

IBM’s new app may be leading the charge in ensuring that insidercybersecurity threats can be eliminated. Administrators often think of data breaches when they think about security measures. They may take actions such as closing vulnerabilities in company software and installing firewalls. These are all necessary steps, but what many people don’t realize is the extent of information that employees and contractors have access to.
Hackers prefer to follow the shortest route to gain access to a system. This often means gaining login credentials that will allow them to view company data. It’s difficult to identify which employees have been compromised before it’s too late. This is a problem IBM wants to fix. The IBM QRadarsecurity platform has the User Behavior Analytics app, which allows users to analyze their login history to reduce the risk of these types of attacks.
Why is insider theft such a problem?
“Employees are often weakest links when it comes to data security.”
Before we get into the details of how this app works, let’s first understand why losing login credentials can be so devastating. Although employees are the backbone to any organization, they are often the weakest link in terms of data security. While a piece of cybersecuritysoftware will never make a mistake, humans very often do.
These missteps are most often due to weak passwords or mishandling these pass phrases. According to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (PDF), 63 percent of all recorded hacking incidents can be traced back at employees who either had a simple password to remember or gave them away in a phishing scam.
These problems can be reduced through training programs but workers are human and will eventually make mistakes.
How does the app work
IBM QRadar developers decided to take this into consideration and monitor the activities of employees who have access to company information. This app uses advanced analytics to determine if an employee’s access history matches current actions.
A lot of companies have to deal with an overabundance in administrative skills. This is a different issue, but it means that there is an overabundance of administrative workers who have unlimited access to company data. Many of these workers don’t need access to large amounts of the data and instead log into the same datasets repeatedly.
It can be difficult to break this habit as a human. However, a software program like the one IBM created can quickly and efficiently identify when an employee is doing something out of the norm. If someone in shipping begins to view information about company finances -data that they have never seen before in their lives -IBM’s User Behavior Analytics app immediately flags this as a breach. In a press release, Jason Corbin, vice president of IBM Security’s Strategy and Offering Management, explained the significance of the development.
Corbin stated that organizations need a better way of protecting themselves against insider threats, whether they are from malicious cybercriminals or inadvertent actors. “This app allows analysts to quickly pivot using existing cybersecurity data, which helps them to identify early warning signs often hidden in suspicious user activity. This will help them to more consistently address breaches.
These types of attacks can be prevented by IBM-certified training
This app could revolutionize the way companies manage the risk of insider data breach. If it proves to be as efficient as IBM believes it will, it could change how companies protect their data. If you want to be at the forefront of this technology, then you should consider computer-based trainingwithin IBM Security QRadar. New Horizons Learning Groups offers a wide range of IBM Security training programs that will help you keep up to date with current cybersecurity trends and further your career in the field.

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