I don’t have a second to waste

This email was sent to me by a subscriber of my PMP Coach newsletter. Although I enjoy the openness of the communication, it will lead to a little bit of a rant. You’ve been warned.
It’s worth a look:
Hello Josh ,
I like your emails. I don’t have a second to waste. Do you or not you have a source where I can learn usefull PM skills? I have not seen any sentances that actually teach me PM skills. Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to a certain area of the site. But i must admit that I couldn’t see any useful information (mails,site, etc.) from all the advertising. Please, if you want to help me, please give me a direct link or smth where I can start reading something that might actually teach me.
It might sound simple, but i have no time to waste.
My Blog and Newsletter Scope
This person signed up to my Project Management Career Coaching newsletter. I talk about how you can plan for and land a job. This newsletter is not intended to teach people how to manage project projects. This newsletter should not be signed up if you are looking for career-oriented ways to get into project managing. This is what I believe to be the case, but I could be more specific. Please contact me if you have any questions.
I also offer a newsletter to people who are interested in the PMP Exam. Please only sign up if you have a need.
There are 280+ articles I have written on this site about “Being PM”. You can find them in the lower right corner at pmStudent.com. I discuss the do’s and don’ts of project management. I don’t have a newsletter on “How to Manage Projects” – I found that more in-depth training fulfills that need better than a newsletter.
My Training: What is it all about?
I created “Project Management Strategies that Work (and How to Implement Them)” for those who are willing to spend the time and effort to learn the nuts-and-bolts of how I manage projects.
I have a lot of information for you on how to manage projects. It’s amazing to record my screen while I do what it is I’m trying teach you. Then, I invite you to do it for yourself.
It takes a lot of time to put it together and you need to be committed to the course.
All This Advertising?
Subscribers to my newsletters will know that I offer discounts on content I discuss for my training programs and the ones I recommend.
I don’t make any offers all the time. It’s usually a sentence at the end or within content that is relevant. Ideas that are valuable on their own are not part of my offer.
I don’t use banner ads, adsense or any other distractions that I find distracting. They may not be relevant for every reader who sees them.
You shouldn’t sign up for my newsletters or visit my blog if you find me offensive in trying to help others and keep the lights on.
I have spent literally thousands of hours helping project managers, both current and new. I truly want to see them succeed.
Don’t be surprised if I spend a lot of time and effort creating a course. I am happy to offer you something I know will benefit you.
Unsubscribe. I’m too busy trying my best to help people the best way I can.
“I don’t have a freaking minute to waste”
My training takes over 40 hours just for the instruction. It will likely take 80 hours to fully benefit from the course material.
Project management is not something you can learn.

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