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Do you have difficulty preparing for the Microsoft 70-761 exam. We have you covered.
It is important to have a role-based certification. This certifies that the candidate is able to keep up with current technical requirements and roles.
A candidate is rewarded for their ability to learn, demonstrate expertise to peers and employers, and get the recognition and opportunities that they deserve.
Microsoft Certifications are a recognized edge because they provide a globally recognized sector that supports the validation of skills mastery and the ability to embrace new technologies. The candidate should prove their skills and take advantage of the opportunities.
This article will discuss the Microsoft Querying Data With Transact-SQL (70-761) Exam.
Additionally, the candidate will be able to earn credit towards a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification (MCSA). This certification proves that the candidate has the essential skills and knowledge required to create and implement on-premises and cross-company databases.
Transact-SQL (70 -761) Exam
A Microsoft Certified Professional will immediately make an impact on the candidate’s career, helping them to be noticed and move quickly.
Microsoft certified developers are also 90% more productive than their peers and 60% more efficient than their colleagues. The certified candidate can submit approximately twice as many applications per annum.
Additionally, 23% of Microsoft-qualified technologists claimed that they were able to earn a salary increase of up to 20% after receiving their certification. Certified employees are often given the responsibility of supervising their peers and putting them on track for promotion.
Additionally, certified new hires are more productive and have more opportunities for advancement. Qualified employees make 15% more per hour than those without certification, and are almost 20% more productive.
Transact-SQL (70-761): An Overview
Transact-SQL skills are essential for data professionals and developers who work in SQL databases. This combination of expert instruction, demonstrations, and practical labs allows the candidate to move from performing the first SELECT statement within the database to performing transactional programmatic analysis.
Also, the Microsoft Transact-SQL (70-761) focuses upon the expertise marked with the objectives Filter and join, sort, aggregate and modify data. Use subqueries and grouping sets. Output XML or JSON. Query temporal data. Create views. And implement error handling, user-defined operations, transactions, data type, nulls.
After becoming a TRANSACTSQL Specialist, candidates will need to create and execute queries as well as sub-queries. Perform views and table-valued roles within T-SQL. The candidate also learns how to create and implement joins and stored procedures. They can also transform data using pivot, unpivot and rollup.
Exam Details
Let’s talk about Microsoft Transact-SQL (70-761). The English language version of the exam is available.
The target audience includes IT professionals, web developers, software programmers, and anyone who wants to pass 70-761.
The Transact-SQL (70-761) passing score is 700/1000.
Microsoft Certification exams typically contain 40-60 questions. However, this number can vary depending on which exam you take.
Each candidate will have 120 minutes to complete their exam. The Transact-SQL (70-761) exam is US$165.
Target Audience
The Transact-SQL exam (70-761) is for SQL Server database designers, engineers, system developers, and SQL Server database administrators who have at least two years of experience and want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

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