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This Microsoft SC-900 exam is for professionals who want to learn the basics of security, compliance, identity (SCI), across cloud-based and other Microsoft services. The Microsoft SC-900 exam can be used by a variety of people, including business stakeholders, IT professionals new or old, as well as students interested in Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions.
Let’s take a look at the preparation guide to the Microsoft SC-900 Exam.
About Microsoft SC-900: Microsoft Security Compliance, Identity Fundamentals, and Security Exam
Microsoft Active Directory is the industry standard in enterprise identity management. Any company can use Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory cloud variant to have best-in class identity management and directory services. It also allows for fast implementation of a Zero Trust model. The Microsoft SC-900 Exam: Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Exam covers these topics:
Concepts of Zero Trust Model, Security, Compliance
Azure Active Directory
Azure Defender and Microsoft365
Compliance Center for M365
There are many Azure Security and Networking Services available.
Knowledge Requirement
Candidates should have a working knowledge of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. They should also be interested in learning about how Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions can be applied across these areas to provide a holistic, end-to-end solution. The knowledge requirements for this exam are:
To take the Microsoft SC-900 Exam, individuals must be familiarized with Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.
They must also be able to understand how Microsoft security, compliance and identity solutions can be applied across all solution areas to provide end-to–end solutions.
Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the exam, let’s move on to the step-by-step guide to How to Pass the SC-900 Exam: Microsoft Security, Compliance, Identity Fundamentals Exam!
Microsoft SC-900 Exam Preparation Guide
The exam is a proof of professional competence in core areas covered by the Microsoft exam. It also allows you to start a career developing applications for Microsoft Windows operating system. This guide will show you how to pass the SC-900: Microsoft Security Compliance, Identity Fundamentals Exam.
Step 1: Learn about the exam syllabus
Here is the exam content outline.
Describe security, compliance, identity
Security methods explained
Secondly, we will describe security concepts
Explanating Microsoft Security and Compliance Principles
Describe the capabilities and benefits of Microsoft identity management and access management solutions
Defining identity principles/concepts
Next, we will describe the basic identity services and types of Azure AD.
Azure AD authentication capabilities
Azure AD also offers access management capabilities
You can also read about the identity protection and governance capabilities of Azure AD.
Describe the capabilities and benefits of Microsoft security solutions
Basic security capabilities in Azure
Also, we will be explaining Azure’s security management capabilities
Azure Sentinel also has security capabilities
Microsoft 365 Defender (formerly Microsoft Threat Protection), is used to describe threat protection.
We will also be discussing security management capabilities in Microsoft 365
Microsoft Intune – Describe endpoint security
Describe the capabilities and benefits of Microsoft compliance solutions
Microsoft’s compliance management capabilities explained
Microsoft 365 information protection and governance capabilities described
Microsoft 365 Insider Risk Capabilities
Microsoft 365’s eDiscovery capabilities
Microsoft 365 Auditing capabilities
Azure resource governance capabilities:
Step 2: Learn about the exam format
The Microsoft SC-900 Exam has 40-60 questions in a variety of formats, such as s.

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