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Are you a developer, functional consultant, data analyst, or solution architecture looking to advance your career by improving your configuration and consulting skills? If this is you, then the Microsoft Power Platform Functional consultant PL-200 exam will help you get comfortable using Power Platform components to enhance and extend Microsoft apps and services.
This exam will help improve your understanding of Teams and Dynamics 365. It will also show the world that your skills are qualified to implement Power Apps and Power BI solutions. We will also cover all the important points to help you pass the PL-200 exam. This includes exam information, formats, topics and relevant study resources. So, let’s begin!
Study Guide for Microsoft PL-200 Exam
You will be required to conduct research, requirements capture, engagement with stakeholders, requirement translation, configuration of Microsoft Power Platform apps and solutions for the PL-200 exam. You will also learn skills to upgrade applications, customize user experiences, data conversions and custom process automation. Let’s now get into the details of the PL-200 exam.
Step 1: Understanding the format and requirements of the exam
The Microsoft PL-200 exam tests your ability to use the design provided by a solution architect and the branding, standards, and documents created in collaboration with User Experience Designers. This exam allows you to create seamless integrations that allow third party apps and services to work together. To ensure that your solutions meet functional and non-functional criteria, you will need to work closely with the quality assurance team. This will help identify, develop, and distribute artifacts for packaging, deployment, and support DevOps engineers.
Skills acquired with the PL 200 exam:
You will be a candidate for this certification and gather requirements to create Microsoft Power Platform solutions. With the support of stakeholders and subject matter specialists such as developers, testers, solution architects, and developers, you will also implement these solutions. You can create models-driven, canvas, or portal apps.
Secondly, Power BI visualizations and dashboards will be used to create Power Automate processes, chatbots with Power Virtual Agents and analyze data using Power BI visualizations and dashboards.
You will also be able to develop custom user interfaces, system connections, data conversions and custom visualizations.
Role of a Functional Advisor:
This qualification will help you to be a functional consultant for projects or other engagements. This means that Microsoft Functional Consultants are responsible to create solutions that would normally require the use of a programmer. They should also be able to extend and configure Microsoft programs, including Microsoft Power Platform components, Excel, Dynamics 365, Word, and Excel.
Exam Format:
It is important to have all the details necessary for any certification exam in order to be able to quickly review the exam. Exam details will help you understand the exam’s format and method. The Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant exam details are as follows:
First, the Microsoft PL-200 exam can be considered an associate-level exam. This exam will allow you to become a Certified Microsoft Power Professional.

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