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Microsoft PL-100 certification is one of the most important Microsoft certifications. This certification will increase your knowledge and skills in Data Modelling. Data Modelling is a rapidly evolving technology. Microsoft certification will help you reach your goals. This certification is quick and easy to obtain. Let’s get started.
The Microsoft PL-100 exam tests your ability to design solutions, create solutions, analyze data, and implement and manage solutions. Microsoft Power Platform App maker should be self-directed, and solution-focused.This certification is designed to improve your ability to analyze and visualize data, Implementing and managing solutions, create solutions, and design solutions. Although it sounds complicated, it’s not. This sounds difficult, but it is not. All you need is the abilityto understand the operational need and envision the desired outcome. You can also approach problems using iterative and phased strategies. These technical terms can sound confusing and complicated. Aren’t they? They aren’t. To pass the certification exam with flying colors, all you need is practice.
Now the question is: What are the requirements to appear for this examination? This is the answer to that question:
Exam Prerequisites
You should have basic knowledge of data modeling, user experience design and process analysis if you take the Microsoft Power Platform App Maker exam. Basic knowledge of the Power Platform’s capabilities, tools, and tab views. Although it is recommended, but not necessary, completion of the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam PL900 is highly recommended.
Skills acquired
Now you know the basics of the exam. You might be wondering what knowledge or skills I will acquire. We have listed everything to help you.
First, you will learn about Design solutions
Second, create solutions
Next, analyze and visualize data
Last but not the least, implement and manage solutions
This certification will open up your career options. You can become a Data analyst, Data expert, or Advanced Platform Developer. It’s now time to find out more about the exam format and details.
Exam Format
The Microsoft PL-100 consists of 40-60 questions and must be completed in a time of 150 minutes. It is important to manage your time. It also advised that you should not spend more time on each question than 1.5 minutes, as there are 40-60 questions. If you complete your exam in 90 minutes, you still have 30 minutes to revise your answers and recheck them.
There are many types of questions on the exam, including short answers, multiple-choice and mark review. You can start with the case study questions because there are so many types of questions. They are the most time-consuming. The next step is to choose between multiple-choice and short answers. To pass the exam, you must score at least 700 points (on a scale from 1-1000) or higher. The exam will cost $165 USD. The exam is also available in English.
Microsoft PL-100 Study Guide
Preparation and instruction are essential for any test. Without a solid structure, it is difficult to pass any exam. The Microsoft PL-100 exam is not something you should be worried about. We have compiled a list with all the strategies and tips that you will need to pass the exam. So, let’s get started:
Check out the Fundamental Concepts
It is important to have a solid foundation before you begin studying for any exam. It is important to understand the basics of key topics. You must be able to comprehend the fundamentals of key topics.

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