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It is essential to have the skills and knowledge necessary to set up, protect, control, monitor, and manage client applications and devices in an enterprise environment. This exam is required to earn the position of Modern Desktop Administrator Associate. We’ll be covering all the areas, subjects, exam structure and study methods required to pass the Microsoft MD-101 exam. So, let’s begin!
Microsoft Managing Modern Computers (MD-101) Exam Overview
The Microsoft MD-101 exam tests administrators’ ability to deploy, configure, protect, administer, and monitor client applications and devices in a corporate environment. This exam requires knowledge about identity, access, policies and updates as well as application management. You will usually work with the Microsoft 365 corporate administrator in order to plan and execute a device strategy that meets the business objectives of a modern company.
Knowledge is a requirement
You must be familiarized with Microsoft 365 workloads to be considered as knowledge areas.
You should also be familiar with configuring, configuring, managing Windows 10 devices and technologies.
Things you need to know
You may be eligible to receive ACE college credit if you pass this certification exam. This means that passing Microsoft exams and obtaining Microsoft certifications can help you get college credit.
Second, college credits are used to measure the number of hours applied that have been successfully completed. It is important to remember that the credit you receive for earning the certification will not be applied for the course.
The American Council on Education is the only major group of higher education in the United States that represents all types of degree-granting institutions. All universities and colleges, whether they are public or private, are included. Two out of three students in the United States are educated at an ACE school.
Microsoft MD-101 Exam Format
Microsoft Managing Modern Desktops Exam (MD-101) will have 40-60 questions with a minimum passing score 700. The exam costs $165 USD* and can be taken in English.
We’ve covered the basics of the Microsoft MD-101 Exam, and its structure. It’s now time to start studying for the exam.
Microsoft MD-101 Exam Study Guide
The Microsoft MD-101 exam tests your knowledge of how to configure, deploy, and support Windows 10 and other technologies. It is a difficult exam to pass, as it is an associate-level exam. This guide will help you get a better understanding of the exam preparation. Let’s begin our journey with the exam study book!
Step 1: Understanding the Exam Topics
Exams cover topics that are both timely and important. It is important to read through each section in order to gain a better understanding of the subject. You will need to make a list of domains that you are interested in, along with the sections within each domain. Next, choose the most relevant learning material to your needs. The most difficult topics should be studied first. Once you have mastered them, you will be able determine your learning speed for the rest of the domains. The domains required for the Microsoft MD-101 exam are:
1. Upgrade and deploy operating Systems
Plan a Windows 10 deployment
Windows Autopilot allows you to plan and apply Windows 10
Plan and implement Windows 10 using MDT
Windows 10: Managing accounts, VPN connections, certificates
2. Manage policies and profiles
Implement compliance policies for devices
Configure device profiles
Manage user profiles
3. Protect and manage your devices
Application, management, and application of device, an

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