How to prepare for the Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB DP-442 exam? Blog

Those who are ready to take and pass the Designing and implementing Cloud-Native Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB exam (DP-420), have chosen the right path. Exploring the knowledge and skills in Azure Cosmos DB will help them to grow their careers and also give them a new level.
Microsoft’s Azure Cosmos DB is a global distributed, multi-model database. It is a fully managed NoSQL database that can be used for modern app development. It guarantees speed at all scales with single-digit millisecond response times and automated and rapid scaling. It ensures business continuity with enterprise-grade security and SLA-backed availability. It also balances demand and capacity with cost-effective serverless or autonomous scaling solutions that can adapt to changing requirements. The exam is the Microsoft DP420 exam. This will allow you to become Microsoft Certified: Azure Cosmos DB developer specialty.
But what is the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialist? Let’s find out.
Azure Certified Cosmos DB Developer Specialty: Responsibilities
You must have advanced skills in planning, applying and monitoring cloud-native applications that store or control data to earn Azure Cosmos Database Developer Specialty certification. The following are some of the main responsibilities for a certified Azure Cosmos Database Developer Specialty:
These professionals are skilled in designing and applying data models, data distribution, and other related skills.
Importing data into a CosmosDB database on Azure
Optimizing and maintaining the solution.

They are also proficient in combining the solution and other Azure services.
They are also skilled in planning, applying and monitoring solutions that address security, availability, resilience and performance needs.
Now, onto the exam!
Step-by-step guide for Microsoft DP420 exam
Microsoft DP-420 – Designing and Implementing Cloud Native Applications using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB exam was designed for people with experience in creating apps for Azure and working with Azure Cosmos DB databases. This exam requires proficiency in,
First, develop applications using the Core (SQL API) and SDKs
Second, creating efficient queries and appropriate index policies.
Third, provisioning and managing Azure resources
Next, create server-side objects using JavaScript
Finally, you will need to interpret JSON, read C# or Java codes, and use PowerShell.
The exam validates your abilities and knowledge to execute various tasks such as.
Planning and applying data models
Second, designing and implementing data dissemination
Thirdly, combining Azure Cosmos DB solution
Fourthly, optimizing an Azure Cosmos DB solution
Finally, you can maintain an Azure Cosmos DB solution.
Exam Format
Microsoft DP-420 – Designing and Implementing Cloud Native Applications Using Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Exam is the key to becoming Microsoft Certified: Azure Cosmos DB Specialist. This exam will contain 40-60 questions. 700 is the minimum passing score for DP-420 exams. This DP-420 exam is also available in English at a cost of $165 USD*
It is essential that you have all the materials necessary to succeed in revision. Here are some resources and methods to quickly gain a solid understanding of the topics, as well as any concerns. Let’s get started.
Step 1. Step 1.
This guide will give you an overview of the concepts that you’ll encounter while studying for the exam. The most important thing to do is to review the DP-420 exam objectives. It is recommended that you review all topics for this exam. The t

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