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Exam AZ-606: Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud With Microsoft Azure Stack Hub tests the candidate’s technical skills, including providing services, implementing the data center integration, managing access and identity, and maintaining the infrastructure. Candidates for Exam AZ-601 are Azure administrators and Azure Stack Hub operators who use Azure Stack Hub to provide cloud services to clients or end-users from their own datacenter.
After passing the exam, the candidate is certified as Microsoft Certified: Azure Hub Operator Associate. This means that they can perform certain responsibilities and duties. Let’s quickly talk about them!
Responsibilities of Microsoft Certified: Azure Stack hub Operator Associate
As a Microsoft Certified: Azure Stack hub Operator Associate, your responsibilities include planning, packaging, deployment, updating, and managing the Azure Stack hub infrastructure. They also extend hybrid cloud resources and demand services, and operate infrastructure as an service (IaaS), and the platform as service (PaaS).
The certified members are part of a larger team that is committed to cloud-based security and administration or hybrid conditions as part an end-to-end foundation.
Knowledge is required
Candidates must have significant experience in maintaining and operating Azure Stack Hub environments. Candidates must be able to recognize Azure and have an interest in virtualization, networking, and identifying the management.
They need to understand how Azure Stack Hub facilitates DevOps methods as well as the hybrid development design.
The entire course outline is required in order to qualify for the AZ600 exam. The exam will only be prepared according the the course outline. Let’s get to it!
Course outline
Candidats should be familiar with the relevant topics and domains. We have also included the relevant documentation to better supervise each topic.
1. Provide services (30-35%)
Managing the AzureStack Hub Marketplace
Populate Azure Stack Hub Marketplace from a disconnected environment (Microsoft documentation – Downloading Marketplace items to the Azure Stack Hub ).
How to create a form AzureStack Hub Marketplace item ( Microsoft documentation – How to create & publish a custom AzureStack Hub Marketplace item ).
Managing the lifecycle of Azure Stack hub Marketplace items ( Microsoft Docation- Azure StackHu – Microsoft Lifecycle – Azure Stackhub Servicing policy )
App Services resource provider
Planning an App Services resource provider deployment ( Microsoft Documentation – Capacity planning to the App Service in Stack Hub)
Deploying an App Service resource provider ( Microsoft Docation- Deploying App Service in Azure Stack hub )
Updating an App Service resource ( Microsoft Documentation – Updating Azure App Service on Stack Hub ).
Scaling roles based upon capacity ( Microsoft Documentation – Adding workers to the Azure App Service on Azure Stack Hub ).
Rotating the App Service secrets and certificates ( Microsoft Documentation – Rotating App Service on Steam Hub secrets & certifications)
Managing worker tiers ( Microsoft Documentation- Web worker )
Backup of App Services ( Microsoft Documentation – Backing Up App Service on StackHub )
Assisting Event Hubs as a resource provider
Planning an Event Hubs resource provider deployment ( Microsoft Documentation – Planning for Event Hubs at Stack Hub ).
Deploying an Event Hubs provider ( Microsoft Documentation – Install Event Hubs On Stack Hub ).
Updating Event Hubs resource provider
Certificates and secrets about Rotating Event Hubs ( Microsoft Documentation – Rotating secrets of the Event Hubs on Stack Hub ).
Offer services
Creating and managing quotas ( Microsoft Documentation – Quota types on Stack Hub and Creating the quotas as part of a plan ).
Microsoft Documentation- A plan for managing the plans

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