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Do you need a preparation guide to pass the Microsoft MB320 exam? If so, keep reading and get ready to begin your preparations for the Microsoft MB-320 exam. Microsoft offers a variety of certifications that allow candidates to be professionals in any field they choose. We will be discussing the Microsoft MB-320 exam in this article.
The candidates for the Microsoft Exam MB-320 function as functional consultants. They analyze business requirements and translate them into fully-realized business solutions and methods that meet industry best practices. Candidates are key support in configuring and implementing applications to meet business needs.
Notably, passing both the MB-302 and MB-320 exams leads to the certification Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Associate, Manufacturing Functional Consultant.
Benefits of a Microsoft Certification
A candidate who successfully passes the MB320 exam to become a Microsoft certified professional will enjoy many benefits.
Here are some additional benefits that the candidate can enjoy:
It verifies skills and opens up opportunities. This is a great time to become certified. Microsoft’s certification pathways reveal the cloud-focused jobs of today, helping candidates to get involved, move forward, be productive, and get the recognition they deserve.
Certifications also give candidates a professional edge. They are industry-approved and validate skills mastery. This demonstrates their ability to adapt new technologies.
Professionals can also expect to advance in their careers through Microsoft’s certifications like the MB320 exam. Employers regularly use certifications as selection criteria for contracting and promotion, and are responsible for paying certified professionals more.
Microsoft claims that certified employees are more productive and have greater opportunities for advancement. Certified representatives make 15% more per hour than those without certification, and are 20% more productive.
Exam MB-320: An Overview
The MB-320 exam tests the candidate’s technical skills in setting up and configuring manufacturing, creating and managing production orders, and creating, processing and managing batch orders.
These tasks also include the following:
First, validation of interconnectivity between General Ledger modules and production administration modules.
Secondly, managing subcontracting methods and implementing parameters, such as life cycle, production orders, and production cycles.
Next, configure inventory dimensions in production and implement resources and resource groups.
Configuring and managing BOM lines and route operations. Further, configuring the price for production models.
You will also need to manage Kanbans, create production flows, manage formulas, create and process batch, composition and lean orders, as well as set up and maintain commodity pricing.
Additionally, you will be responsible for scheduling and implementing production subcontracting, as well as implementing activity-based subcontracting, maintaining project items, and item responsibilities.
Also, master planning is a key component in creating planned production orders.
Furthermore, the multi-cultural batch processing was implemented with the warehouse management software (WMS), also known as Advanced Warehouse Management.
Also, complete the production methods of co-products and by-products.
Not to mention, formula management with percentage-based and scalable considerations. Also, formula management with co-products and by-products. Planning items.
Similar procedures apply to batch consumption and step damage.
It is also important to identify the security roles that are required in order to achieve the pr

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