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Are you preparing for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals MB900 Exam? If so, you can read this article to find out everything you need to know about taking the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals MB-900 Exam. Some areas, such as security, networking, or cloud, can be shaped simply by certifications. These credentials provide a clear path from beginner to expert and validate your abilities at each stage.
Benefits of being a Microsoft Certified Partner
Microsoft certifications give candidates a professional edge by providing industry-approved evidence of skills knowledge. This demonstrates their ability and willingness to embrace new technologies. You can verify their skills and unlock new opportunities. Professionals can expect to progress in their careers through certification. Employers often use certifications to select employees for promotion and employment, and will pay certified professionals more. Further:
First, Microsoft certified technologists reported a salary increase after they were awarded certification.
Then, certified employees can be trusted to supervise their peers, putting them on the fast track to a promotion.
Certified new hires also have more opportunities for advancement because they are less productive earlier.
Additionally, certified employees are 15% more productive than those who don’t have certification, and receive 15% more in average salaries.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications:
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales: Dynamics 365 allows you to increase sales by providing deep insight into customer needs. The candidate can analyze the prospects of buyers by tapping into the social insights. It also helps to drive more sales. Dynamics 365 Product Visualize allows you to create a 3D digital twin for the product in the customer’s environment.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Apps help to manage the product’s marketing operations in multiple ways. It maximizes marketing results by creating personalized encounters with customers. Artificial Intelligence-powered insights provide candidates with the latest news and useful information about customers’ feedback on product or campaign. Dynamics 365 customer penetrations also collect data from multiple sources to provide a single view of customers. Dynamics 365 organizes all customer experiences starting at the opening. It also allows you to collect data about sales and marketing in order to create a more efficient strategy.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Dynamics 365 allows employees and agents to instantly interact with customers via mobile text messaging using SMS or built-in knowledge. It also provides exceptional virtual agents and customer service perspicacity to improve flaws.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service: It allows candidates to respond to customers’ needs at any time. It also gives field agents new tools. This application also allows candidates to manage their schedules and workloads. The candidate can also assign their employees with the right skills to perform a specific task.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: This application allows the candidate to monitor the financial situation of the company. This application can also be used to manage Vendors Management and Budget, as well as Sales Orders and Supply Chain.
About MB-900 Microsoft Dynamics 360 Fundamentals Exam
To understand Dynamics 365 fundamentals, the MB-900 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals Examination is essential. If the candidate holds the certification of Dynamics 365 Fundamentals, then they are on their way.

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