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In varying ways, certification can be stressful. While certification can be easy for some, it can also cause sweaty palms and heart palpitations for others. The key to preparing for the future is long-term learning, not cramming sessions. Even though cramming sessions may not produce high-quality results, they can be very effective. It is a risky and stressful strategy, but it is not denied. We’ve put together a detailed preparation guide to make this process easier for you. We are certain it will be worth your time so please stay with us until the end. Before you get excited, take a look at the learning resources. Let’s start by familiarizing ourselves with the 70-480 exam.
About the 70-480 Exam
To cover all aspects of studying for certification exams, it would take more than one article. This topic could fill a book, and it’s not very exciting. There are some key truisms that must be remembered and must-do’s. When it comes to preparation for certification exams, there are some key truisms and must-do’s that every candidate should know.
We will take you step by step through this article. We’ll start by introducing you to the exam details and explaining what the exam is about.
Overview of 70-480 Exam:
The 70-480: HTML5 Programming with JavaScript and CSS3 exam will give you your Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA), Web Applications Certification.
The 70-480 exam is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge in building web applications. Candidates with more experience will be able to dig deeper into CSS and JS by taking the 70-480 exam. It will expose those with less experience to the entire front end web stack.
Now that you have a basic understanding of the exam, it is time to review the details.
Essential Exam Details
Before you start your exam preparation, it is important to review the basics of the exam. This will ensure that there are no surprises when you enter the exam hall. The examination consists of approximately 40-60 questions. The candidate must complete the examination in 120 minutes. The language requirement is also important. Candidates from all over the world can take the exam in seven languages. This is a great opportunity. These include:
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional),
Portuguese (Brazil)
The USD 165 examination fee is required. To pass the exam, you must score 700 or higher.
Target Audience
This exam is for developers who have at least one year experience in HTML development using an object-based, event driven programming model. They must also have experience in programming JavaScript-based business logic for a variety applications types, hardware and software platforms.
Candidates should also be able to comprehend the following:
Managing the flow of events and programs
Asynchronous programming
Validation of data and working with data collection, including JQuery
Handling exceptions and errors
Arrays and Collections
Working with operators, variables, and expressions
Working with prototypes and methods
Iteration and decision statements
Question Format
The question format is the most important aspect of any exam. We have compiled a list of question types for your convenience. These include:
Make a list
Case studies
Drag and drop
Hot area
Multiple choices
Multiple answers
Short answer
This is all you need about the 70-480 exam. We will then list the course outline. This is the most important part of any exam, so don’t skip it.
Course Outline: 70-480 Exam
Course Outline gives you a clear view of the course for the examina

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