How to prepare for MS-740 Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams Exam

The MS-740 exam is for support engineers who need to be able to troubleshoot deployments, tune performance, collect log data and control Teams environments. It is essential to have the right plan and guide to pass the exam. This blog will discuss various study materials and methods to pass MS-740. Before we get to the resources, let’s first understand the exam format and pattern.
What is the MS-740 exam?
Candidates who have advanced knowledge and experience in Microsoft Teams communication are eligible to take the MS-740 exam. This exam validates your knowledge of,
Networking in Azure fundamentals
Data storage technologies
APIs, app security
Authentication and authorization
Information about compliance
Monitoring, performance tuning, and debugging.
MS-740 Exam Format
The Microsoft MS-740 exam will contain 40-60 questions. This exam validates the candidate’s problem-solving abilities in tasks such as Microsoft Teams voices problem and Microsoft Teams meetings login, Microsoft Teams channels, and teams and channel. The exam costs $165 USD* in English. Candidates must score at least 700 to pass the exam.
We’ll now get to the heart of the matter: the exam guide. This guide will take you through the most important study resources and resources that will help to pass the Microsoft MS-740 exam step by step.
Study Guide for Microsoft MS-740 Exam
Before you take any exam, it is important to create a study plan and review all available study materials. This Microsoft MS-740 exam study book will help you understand and prepare for the exam.
Step 1: Planning Exam Blueprint
This could be the first step in your preparation for the exam. This is where we will need to gather the details and pattern of the exam. We can then create a blueprint that highlights all the important details, requirements, topics, so that the exam pattern is easily understood. This will help you to identify areas that are difficult for you and allow you to spend more time on these.
Step 2: Get familiar with the Exam Guide
This section is the most important. The exam guide is the main area where we should spend the most time, aside from practice exams. This guide contains an outline of the exam and a list of all topics and sub-topics. To fully grasp exam topics, it is important to keep your concentration high.
The Microsoft MS-740 exam covers the following topics:
1. Learn about troubleshooting Microsoft Teams voice issues (15-20%)
Learn how to troubleshoot audio and video flow issues
Learn how to troubleshoot emergency calling issues
Learn how to troubleshoot direct routing issues
2. Learn how to troubleshoot issues using Microsoft Teams meetings and live events (20-25%)
Troubleshooting Live Events
Learn how to troubleshoot and set up Teams services
Learn how to troubleshoot problems with clients of Troubleshooting Teams
Learn how to troubleshoot messaging issues
3. Learn how to troubleshoot federation issues (10-15%)
Skype for Business: Troubleshooting issues
Learn how to troubleshoot issues with Teams Federation
4. Learn how to troubleshoot issues using Microsoft Teams (15-20%)
Learn how to troubleshoot account and network problems
Learn how to troubleshoot issues with member sign-in
Learn how to troubleshoot guest access issues
5. Learn how to troubleshoot channels and teams (10-15%)

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