How to prepare for MS-100-Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Certificate? Blog

Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft 365 Certified Enterprise Administrator Expert? Do you need a preparation guide for Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert? Continue reading to learn how to become an Enterprise Administrator Expert. The MS-100 exam counts towards the Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert certification. The MS-100-Microsoft 365 ID and Services Certification covers evaluating, planning, migrating and maintaining Microsoft 365 services. The MS-100-Microsoft 365 ID and Services Certification is also passed. This certification allows the applicant to perform Microsoft 365 tenant management responsibilities and tasks, including compliance, security, and supporting technologies.
The following topics will be covered in the MS-100-Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Certificate Preparatory Guide.
First, design and execution of Microsoft 365 services
Second, setting up and implementing a tenancy or subscription
Planning and maintaining identity synchronization is also important.
Next, manage users, groups and product licences. Passwords, as well as access.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA), is also available.
Configuring access for external users and utilisation, etc. is also possible.
Benefits of becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner:
First, Microsoft certified technologists reported a salary increase after they were awarded certification.
Certified employees are often trusted to supervise their peers, putting them on the fast track to a promotion.
Certified new hires also have more opportunities for advancement because they are less productive earlier.
Additionally, certified employees are 15% more productive than those who don’t have certification, and receive 15% more in average salaries.
What is the MS-100 Exam?
Identity management and access is a simple concept. It is about who can access the supply room closet and who has the security code. Although it is not difficult to identify users and allow access to certain data and system, it is more complicated in practice. This is especially true for large networks that span multiple locations or device types. The MS-100-Microsoft 365 ID and Services certification exam covers everything an engineer needs to know about Microsoft 365 identity management services.
Who should take this exam
Systems engineers are needed for new or aspiring careers. They must have the ability to manage domains, set up recommendations and manage identities, configure authentication, and manage user functions and identities. The details can change depending on which tools or practices are used.
Experienced systems engineers-System engineers who have been in operation for a while probably have a lot more experience with the material on the MS100 certifying exam. It also includes designing and executing Microsoft 365 Services, maintaining user identities, roles, controlling access, authentication, and planning workloads.
To pass the MS-100 365 Identity and Services Certification, candidates must have a working knowledge and experience with Microsoft 365 workloads. They should also have worked as an executive for at minimum one Microsoft 365 workload ( SharePoint or Exchange, Skype for Business, Windows as an Assistance, or Skype for Business). Candidates should also have a basic understanding of server administration, networking, as well as IT fundamentals like Active Directory, DNS, PowerShell, and Active Directory. The MS-100-Microsoft 365 Identity and Services exam covers many things. The exam can be taken in multiple-choice and multiple-respond formats. There are 40-60 questions. USD 165 is the fee for the exam. For more information, please refer to the table below.

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