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DevOps is a highly-demand profession to start your career. The implementation of DevOps culture won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If you are wondering how to become a DevOps Engineer, here are some suggestions. What is a DevOps Engineer? The Microsoft AZ-400 exam is a good choice, to start with.
If you are an Ops person who wants to learn more about DevOps, then the AZ-400 exam is for you.
We’ll also provide all details about the AZ-400 exam. We also have a preparation guide that will make it easy to pass the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions test.
Microsoft AZ-400 An Overview
The Microsoft AZ-400 exam tests candidates’ ability to create a DevOps strategy. Candidats will also be able implement the following:
DevOps development processes are the first thing to be addressed
Secondly, dependency management
Eventually, the application infrastructure was created.
Continuous integration, delivery, feedback are also important.
Remember that the candidates appearing for the exam will be DevOps professionals. They combine people, processes and technologies to continually deliver products and services that meet business objectives and end-user needs. DevOps professionals can also streamline delivery. This is achieved by optimizing processes, improving communications and collaboration, as well as creating automation.
They also design and implement strategies for application code, infrastructure, and other related areas. This leads to continuous integration and testing, delivery, monitoring, feedback, and monitoring.
Audience Profile
When you are applying for certification, ensure you look at the target audience. This will help you to be doubly certain if you are the right candidate. Here’s a list of all candidates who are eligible to take the Microsoft AZ-400 exam.
Candidates for this exam must be able to work with people, processes and technologies to deliver business value continuously.
This is a great opportunity for candidates who are responsible to design and implement strategies for collaboration, code and infrastructure, source control and security, compliance, continuous implementation, testing, monitoring, feedback, and continuous integration.
Consequently, you will need to be proficient in both Azure administration and Azure development.
Basic Details
These details, while they may seem simple, are crucial to your preparation. These details will help you prepare for the exam. The exam consists of 40-60 questions. The format of the AZ400 exam questions can be multiple choice/multiple response questions. The time limit for the exam is 150 minutes. The exam is also available in four languages. These languages are:
Chinese (Simplified)
The AZ-400 exam registration fee is USD 165 plus any additional taxes. The examination fee varies from one country to the next. We recommend that you first inquire about the exam fee.
Finally, you now know the details of the exam pattern and the skills required. You now have a course outline, also known by skills measured.
AZ-400 Course Outline and Skills Measured
Finally, we have reached the module list. This is the most important part of the exam. This module list will be the basis of the exam questions. We recommend that you thoroughly understand each module. Your foundation will make you successful. This section is essential.
AZ-400 Exam Modification in the Course Outline as of March 23, 2021.
The AZ-400 exam topics are:
Updated Preparation guide for the AZ-400 Exam
The updated AZ-400 course outline requires the updated preparatory manual. This section contains an exceptional preparation guide.

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