How to Pass the CCNA Service Provider Exam (640-878 SPGN2) Blog

Are you interested in CCNA SPNGN2 640-878 certification? This blog will provide all information about it.
Are you a Network engineer? If so, you’re in the right place. The CCNA Service Provider 640-878 certification has seen a tremendous growth over the past few years.
SPNGN2 6408-878 certification is the best way to learn if you are interested in configuring Cisco Service Providers.
The CCNA certification has helped to create a strong market in the IT sector. There is no one certification that you can apply for. Cisco offers many levels of certifications. You will also have the best career opportunities. Below is a picture of Cisco certifications.
This article will provide more information about the certification. This article will discuss all details and important information regarding the exam.
CCNA (SPNGN2 640-8878) Exam
Cisco has increased its certification levels by using the most current technologies. Cisco is one of the most reputable companies that offer certification courses. You will also be able to improve your skills and knowledge, which will lead to better job opportunities. Cisco 640-878 is for network engineers and technicians.
They will be able to use their skills to configure Cisco Service Provider IP next generation networks. You will also learn about the major components of service provider network construction.
Why CCNA SPNGN2 640-878 Certification
This question is always present in my mind when I apply for certifications. It is something that comes to my mind as well. Let’s now discuss the important benefits of CCNA certification.
First, let’s talk about CCNA certification offered by Cisco. This is a big name in the IT market. It will help you build a successful career.
Secondly, CCNA certification is highly recommended for network engineers. It will give you a solid knowledge of networking.
This certification is a beginning level that will increase your knowledge to implement and support service provider networks.
You will also have many job opportunities once you are certified and a good salary structure.
You will also find the exam structure, details, and exam preparation tips in the article.
Exam Structure for CCNA Service Providers
Below are the exam details and other information.
CCNA 640-878 Exam Outline SPNGN2
It is important to be familiar with all course topics and content before you begin preparing for the exam. This certification covers four topics.
IP NGN Architecture
This topic is the first in the CCNA 640-878 exam. This topic also has 21% weightage inexam. This section will cover the following topics:
First, identify the functional components that are required to meet a given network specifications.
Secondly, troubleshooting common networking problems using a layered model approach.
Next, we will describe the different types and architectures of reference NGNs.
Then, describe the IP address and AS number allocation process via IANA/RIRs.
Switched Network Technologies II
This topic covers 23% of the exam weightage. These are the most important sections.
First, configure enhanced switching technologies (including RSTP and MST) on Cisco IOS switches.
Next, we will describe how VLANs create logically distinct networks and the need to route.
You can also configure VLANs on Cisco IOS switches, and trunking on Cisco IOSswitches.
Configuring InterVLANrouting and REP on Cisco IOS Switches, as well as QinQ on Cisco IOS Switches, is another option.
Routed Network Technologies II
This topic is important for the exam and accounts for 24% of total weightage. These are the sections that are covered in this area.
Configuring single-area OSPFv2 or OSPFv3 routing using Cisco routers
Configuring basic single-area IS-IS routing on Cisco is then possible

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