How to make time for professional development

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The best project managers invest in their professional development. Although it may not always be easy to learn, it is one of the best ways to stay on top of trends in program and project management.

Fast-Fix Training Opportunities for Busy Weeks
Professional development: The challenges of quick fixes

How to make time to train that requires commitment
These types of development pose challenges

How to make time to study for a project management certificateAdvantages of certificate training
Long/certificate training: Challenges

How to find the time to study long-term
The challenges of long-term studies

What is the best length of training?

Your CV can be enhanced by making time for professional development and keeping your skills sharp. You have a wealth of formal and informal training that can help you if you are ever stuck for work.
But I get it. It is hard to find the time to continue learning with work, family, friends, and other obligations.
Here are some ways to make training more manageable in your work week. These include how to collect the Professional Development Units that project managers need to keep their PMI credentials as Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), or Project Management Professional(PMP)(r).
Let’s begin with what to do if you have very little time and need quick access to new information.
For busy weeks, quick professional development opportunities
It is important that you are able to fit in professional development sessions quickly into your work week.
You don’t have to do it every week, but at least one hour per month of learning, training, or development activities. There are many ways to earn PDUs.
These are some examples of quick-fix training opportunities:
Reading magazine articles
Blogs and other websites can be read
Listening to podcasts
Webinars (free, paid, real-time, or recorded to view at your convenience)
Networking breakfasts that include a presentation
Evening seminars are organized by your local project management organization.

The PDU Podcast is my favorite podcast for project managers.
It’s practical and real-life advice from experts that I love. The episodes are automatically delivered once you subscribe so you don’t have to remember to receive them. It’s easy to fit in an episode during your commute or lunch break.
Earn PDUsPDU Podcast$19.00 Listen to these podcasts on your smartphone, mobile device, and computer. Learn from 25 project management experts whenever it is convenient for you.
Learn moreIf you click the link and make a purchase you will earn a commission.
Focused sessions that focus on one topic. This is a way to address a specific challenge you are facing right now for your current project.
It is useful when you have a gap between your records, such as when you need to learn how to get the tricky leadership PDUs.
In 1-hour increments, collect PDUs. Make sure to keep track of them so you can claim them.

You can earn PDUs for PMI credentials, such as CAPM or PMI, if you approach your development in a ‘quick fix’ manner.
Professional development: The challenges of quick fixes
These are the main challenges you face when you approach all aspects of your professional development using a ‘quick fix mentality.
First, you need to decide what you want to learn. Next, find a reliable source.
There is a possibility that you will be asked to attend an online presentation about a topic you are already familiar with in order to claim you have done some development this week.
It can take some time to find reliable information about these types of places. Even

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