Fordhall Savings – More Than a Project

Sophie Hopkins, 24 years old, was appointed Fordhall Community Land Initiative Project Manager. I hope she realized what she was getting into. After months of hard work, she has been awarded a grant from the EU. Her days can be exhausting and long. I thought French work hours were too long.
Sophie works alongside Ben Hollins, Charlotte Hollins, on Fordhall Farm’s 128 acre farm. The farm has been in the Hollins’ family for more than 1700 years but they have never actually owned it. The owners are looking to sell.
The idyllic organic farm paradise Ben and Charlotte imagined for their father, who spent many years preparing the land, may not be possible in a yoghurt factory. Fordhall was severely damaged by the foot and mouth epidemic. In 2004, Arthur Hollins died and the tenancy was transferred to his children. It is now over. You can now leave Family Hollins to join the global concrete and conglomerate industry.
But Charlotte, 23 and Ben, 21, have not just watched their family’s heritage disappear. Fordhall’s rescue is more than just a struggle for their roof to stay over their heads. It’s about protecting the environment, and ensuring that future generations can enjoy it. It’s about creating a sanctuary to protect the wildlife that lives along River Tern. It’s about creating a community space which will be open to all as an education and research center for organic farming and healthy living.
This is a huge project. The issue register is full. Sophie is unable to keep up with all the ideas, volunteers and volunteers. This project is really hampered by the lack of funds. Fordhall Community Land Initiative (a charitable organization) has the sole purpose to purchase the freehold and lease it to the Hollins family to continue the farm. They have one month left to raise the funds needed. They have enough money for PS800,000. Their total now stands at PS507,000
If you want to support the project, you can purchase a share of the farm for PS50. If the total is not raised, your stake will be returned. If the total is raised, you will be able to have a say in the operation of the farm. This is a rare set. It makes my database project seem small.

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