Duplicate Project Templates Our goal was to target busy work, one of the greatest enemies of productivity. ActiveCollab’s newest feature allows you to duplicate existing templates and avoid creating new ones. This is a common problem for many business owners. We could spend hours counting every recurring activity, but we know that many of you who use ActiveCollab to plan and do the Real Work don’t want hours spent doing something that should be done in just a few minutes. The Project Template feature was created to automate at least some of this tedious work. For example, a project for a San Francisco live event requires different tasks than a similar project in New York. This template could be duplicated to create a structure for future events in other places.

The quicker you set up, the better! Your agency has 30 clients. Even though you are running similar projects for many different clients, there will always be slight differences that will require a different professional template. Sometimes campaigns have very similar time frames or are very similar. It is a time-saver to be able to copy a template during setup. It’s a great idea to have several project templates that are similar but unique to the market or cultural context in which you’re operating. Project templates are now a powerful sidekick. Let us know how they fit in your workflow! The basics of Agile Project Management. Learn how to manage your team and develop software more efficiently. We are grateful that you have subscribed! All newsletter subscribers can download this (and many other ActiveCollab Project Management Guides). Download the Ebook We are unable to subscribe you at this time. Please double-check your email address. If issue still persist, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] Try Again

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