CES: AWS Spotlights AI Integrations and IoT

This week, Amazon Web Services (AWS), along with its partners, demonstrated how the cloud provider’s IoT- and AI offerings create new opportunities for software developers, especially in the automotive sector.
AWS, for instance, is integrating its IoT platform with the BlackBerry QNX embedded device operating system to create a new “connected car software platform” for in-vehicle apps. The idea is that BlackBerry’s QNX would provide the backbone for the “smart” in-vehicle operating systems that are now running in many modern cars, while the AWS cloud will provide the real-time data collection and application development/deployment capabilities that automotive software makers need.
“QNX software allows automotive OEMs develop and run a common platform across in-vehicle system such as gateways. TCUs. engine controllers. emerging domain controllers. AWS capabilities enable automotive software development to securely and easily access vehicle sensors data, build software applications and machine-learning (ML) models using vehicle information, and deploy them inside a vehicle to enable in vehicle inference and actions,” said the companies in a Monday press release.
The combined offering opens up new opportunities for applications aimed at connected cars. These include real-time system checks and battery life monitoring, improved accessibility features, maintenance and warranty cost management, and maintenance and repair cost management.
The companies stated that the platform will integrate the BlackBerry QNX operating systems and over-the air software update services with AWS IoT cloud service for secure connectivity, telematics, Amazon SageMaker to develop ML models, AWS IoT edge and AWS IoT edge for in-vehicle machine ML inference.
Karma, an electric vehicle manufacturer, is already using the combined platform to monitor its cars’ battery health. CES will feature a demonstration of the BlackBerry/AWS platform in a Karma car.
New AWS-based technologies to improve vehicle connectivity will also be on display at CES. One demonstration integrates Alexa and AWS machine learning with Amazon Rekognition capabilities to power a digital assistant in-vehicle. Another example shows Alexa-powered smart cars and smart home systems interfacing. Another demo shows how AWS cloud technology can be used by automakers to manage their autonomous fleets. Here is a roundup of AWS demos from CES.

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