5 Tips to Manage Project Communications in a Crisis

This video focuses on crisis communications in project communications (text summary below).
Here’s a summary for those who prefer to read or can’t see the video.
There are always problems with projects. Sometimes they are minor, sometimes they can be very serious. Here are five tips to help you manage project communications during an issue.
1. One point of contact
Designate a single point for communications during an incident. This could be you, or someone from the project team. However, everyone should know who to contact for updates and who to ask for status reports. This person is responsible for managing communication with all stakeholders.
2. Deal in facts
A problem will likely bring out many emotions. People have an emotional reaction to what has happened. Let go of the emotion and focus on what you know is true.
3. Take care of what people are concerned about
While you might be dealing with a problem behind the scenes, like a software bug or a security issue, your end users may be more concerned about something else. These views are important and should not be dismissed. These concerns are valid. Listen to them and address their concerns.
4. Be quick
Send your messages as fast as possible. It’s the best way for gossip to stop before it starts.
5. Plan for power down
Consider how you will handle project communications if there is no electricity. It happens: power lines get cut and generators go out. How are you going to get your messages out if you can’t rely upon instant messaging, email, or people being at their computers?
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