4 Ways to Address COVID Unfinished Education in WebAssign

Unfinished learning has been a subject of much discussion in elementary education and secondary education during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the idea that students are not learning at the expected pace and may even be slowing down in their knowledge. Unfinished learning is not a topic that is often brought up in higher education. However, Inside Higher Ed surveys revealed that both students as well as faculty believe that students have learned less in the past 18 months than usual.
There’s a good chance that your students have suffered learning loss or interruptions due to COVID, regardless of whether they’re studying Developmental Math, Calculus, or Statistics. This can lead to students lacking the necessary knowledge, confidence, or effective study skills.
You have the resources to tackle these problems head-on. Let’s look at some ways that you can help your students overcome learning loss.

1. Address the Mindset of Students
It is important to start with students’ mindsets. Students faced many challenges during the last year due to the pandemic, including a greater strain on their mental health, motivation, and focus. Give students tools to help them learn as they return to class for another semester.
WebAssign offers a variety of resources, including Math Mindset and College Success Modules. These modules cover a wide range of topics. These modules will help your students improve their learning skills when they return to school. Modules such as time management, growth mindset, communication skills and learning and memory may be of interest to you. Each module contains reflective questions that help students to understand how the topic applies in their own lives.

2. Offer Self-Remediation Opportunities
Without assessing students’ skills, it is difficult to predict whether students will require remediation at the start of the semester. You may not have the time or resources to incorporate assessment and remediation in your course plan.
Instead, make it easy for students practice their prerequisite Math skills by offering Math Readiness Boot Camps. These can be added to any WebAssign course. These bootcamps include embedded practice material and an assessment. These can be used for practice only or you can assign them a grade at semester’s beginning.
“I have created a few videos to help students who need help with technology concepts. A short refresher unit can make a big difference in how students start the semester. Cengage has helped students with having so many great content that they can use in many different ways.” Angela Nino, Dallas College- Richland Campus

3. Use Acceleration to Avoid Students Being Left Behind
Education Week says that acceleration, which is moving forward with grade-level content while only addressing prerequisite skills or concepts as necessary, can be more effective and equitable than remediation. This ensures that students don’t get stuck in remedial tracks or aren’t left behind.
WebAssign allows you to apply acceleration in a variety of ways, depending on the amount of remediation your students require.

Extensive remediation is required
Talk to your Cengage Rep if you are concerned that your students will not be prepared for spring class. A corequisite solution is a combination of two textbooks and assignments that are mapped to learning goals. One is for your course, and one for its prerequisite course. These materials, including the prerequisite quizzes and quizzes, can be used to help your students. The corequisite bundle costs the same as the credit textbook. Students won’t have to pay an extra fee if they need a little more help.

Some remediation is required
Consider incorporating scaffolding techniques into your course if your students require remediation during the semester. Scaffolding breaks down complex topics into manageable steps. It helps students to understand each skill and prerequisite step necessary to reach the final answer. Scaffolding allows you to offer resources that will help students understand the process.
Graceful Beam, Georgia Northwestern Technical College.

Low level of remediation
Your students may be well-prepared but still require minor remediation throughout the term. There are many question types within WebAssign that focus on the key topics and skills required to succeed in that course.
Below are a few of our favorite links that you can add to your course using the question brow

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