30 Simple Productivity Hacks for Remote Teams

Remote work existed before the advent of social media and telecommuting.
Tradesmen from different industries worked in what was once called “workhomes”, where their homes were used as their stores. To earn a steady income, they had to manage their properties, keep their productivity up, and build relationships between their customers.
This all changed with the Industrial Revolution. People were required to work eight-hour shifts and leave their homes. As technology advanced and innovated, the traditional system of work started to regress towards the old one.
Remote work is back
Remote work is becoming a popular option for startups, companies, as well as organizations all over the globe. Remote work allows you to create a team of professionals that spans different continents, without ever leaving your home office.
Remote teams face new challenges that can significantly impact team productivity. These are some of the issues you may be facing right now.
Information overload
Miscommunication or
Communication problems
Expectations not met
Goals missed
Remote teams can use various strategies and tips to overcome these challenges.
Although it takes time to integrate any system into a team, simple but effective productivity hacks can help you to identify what helps your team focus and get more done.
This is a great opportunity to learn about the team and the differences between the members. It also allows you to discover your unique productivity methods.
We have compiled productivity hacks that are easy to use and implement starting from Day 1. Each category focuses upon a specific aspect of remote work that can be used and/or improved upon as you build your remote team.
Automation and delegation
Category #1: Focus
Good nutrition and good sleep are key to good health. Your body is your greatest asset. It’s important to give it the nutrition it needs to be focused and productive.
Prepare yourself for work. To get in the right mindset for work, create a simple morning routine. You’ll be able focus even before you sit down at your desk if you have a clear goal.
Create a productive space. You can make your workspace brighter with white light, or keep it clutter-free. But you need to encourage focus.
Make a Today’s list. Get down to work on the items on your Today list. Anything that arises during the day can be completed later or scheduled for another Today List.
You need to turn off all notifications. It takes around 25 minutes to refocus so turn off notifications on mobile and desktop.
Take a power nap. This will give you the energy boost, creativity, mental clarity, and mental clarity that you need to power through your day.
Category #2: Time
For every task or project, set a deadline. You can even specify the time it would take to complete the task. This helps you to commit to the task instead of letting it drift in your mind. TeamGantt allows you to sync your projects with your favorite calendars like Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook so that you are always on top of what’s coming up.
Keep track of the time you spend on each task. You will be more aware of how your time is being spent and you will be more mindful of the activities that you engage in. TeamGantt has time tracking built in for all your time tracking needs.
Use time blocks. Divide your day into blocks of time that you will only use for work. Time blocking is best illustrated by the Pomodoro(r) Technique.
RescueTime is a time management app that allows you to track your daily activities. This information will help you identify which apps and activities are consuming your precious work hours, and how to improve your work habits.
Reduce the time it takes to complete a task. Parkinson’s law says that “worst” is the best.

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