2022 Project Manager Roles & Responsibilities – 100% Revealed

Without the right people, even a perfectly planned project won’t succeed. Project managers are the backbone of any project. They are the center of the project. If they fail to delegate their responsibilities, the project will be doomed. This article will discuss the roles and responsibilities of project managers that are crucial for any project to succeed.
It is essential that the project manager has the necessary experience and is well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to achieve any project goal. These skills are acquired through PMP Training, and hands-on experience in PMP jobs.
What are the responsibilities and roles of the Project Manager?
Project managers must wear many hats in order to successfully deliver a project. These roles require both soft and hard skills. All of the roles listed below are performed by the project manager, sometimes in isolation or simultaneously. There are many Project Manager roles and responsibilities, but we will focus on the most important qualities of a project manager.
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Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities: What is a Project Manager?
Role #1 – Team Leader
Leadership is a key skill for the role of team leader. There are many leadership styles that a project manager can use. Sometimes, the project manager uses an authoritative style, while other times, the democratic style is more effective. For example, if your team has many new members, your leadership style might be different from if your team has more experienced members.
As a leader
Project managers must lead their team to success.
He/She should direct the team and let them know what is expected.
Clearly explain the roles for each member of your team.
He/She must create a team of people with different skills to ensure that each member contributes effectively.

Team leadership is therefore an important pillar of project manager roles and responsibilities.
Role #2 – Account Manager
Role account manager is a “jack of all trades”.
The role of account manager is played by the project manager
Handling client relationships.
Strategie for managing revenue and projects.
He/She acts as the primary liaison between a client’s organization and that client.
Aside from that, he/she will work closely to understand the client’s vision and needs.
Then, he/she will draw up a strategy that is able to deliver on the vision using his/her experience and knowledge.
Additionally, s/he will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations and will collect and communicate any issues with the client.

Account management is a distinct role and responsibility of a project manager that will highlight the PM within an organization.
Role #3 – Procurement Manager
A Project Manager’s role is to manage the team responsible for procuring goods or services for use. They also look for the lowest possible price and best quality. They also evaluate suppliers and negotiate contracts.
They also study the market to determine price trends, future availability of material, goods, locate vendors, negotiate price, prepare requisitions, procurement orders, and maintain procurement records. This role requires project managers to have excellent negotiation skills, communication skills and management skills. The procurement manager

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